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Books on Television, Radio, The Theater and Film

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Eaton, Walter Prichard. The Actor's Heritage. Boston: Atlantic Monthly Press. 1924 Profusely illustrated. Binding split. Good. $12.00 (Stock number 003ent523c)

Melvin Patrick Ely. The Adventures of Amos 'N' Andy NY:Free Press. 1992. 2nd ptg. VG-F $15.00 (Stock number 003ent117)

Csida, Joseph and Csida, June Bundy. American Entertainment - A Unique History of Popular Show Business. New York: Watson-Guptill. 1978 F/F dj $20.00 (Stock number 003ent126)

The Editors of American Heritage. American Manners & Morals. A Picture History of How We Behaved and Misbehaved. 1969 F/F $20.00 (Stock number 003ent123)

Gilbert, Douglas. American Vaudeville - Its Life and Times. New York: Whittlesey House. 1940 VG-F $12.00 (Stock number 003ent140)

Gilbert, Douglas. American Vaudeville - Its Life and Times. New York: Dover Books/ Paperback. 1968 F $12.00 (Stock number 003ent140a)

Everson, Willian K. The Bad Guys. A Pictorial History of the Movie Villain. NY: Citadel Press. (1964) Paperback. Fine $15.00 (Stock number 003ent129)

Whitman, Willson. Bread and Circuses - A Study of Federal Theatre. New York: Oxford University Press. 1937 VG-F $12.00 (Stock number 003ent523a)

Joey Adams with Henry Tobias. The Borscht Belt. NY: Bobbs-Merrill 1959 First printing F/VG $20.00 (Stock number 003ent101)

Robert Metz. CBS Reflections in a Bloodshot Eye. Playboy Press. 1975 1st Ed. $18.00 (Stock number 003ent122)

Joe Franklin. Classics of the Silent Screen - A Pictorial Treasury . NY:The Citadel Press 1959 VG-F/G dj $15.00 (Stock number 003ent112)

Littlewood, S.R. Dramatic Criticism. London: Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons. 1939 VG-F $12.00 (Stock number 003ent523b)

Martin, Ralph G. Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Englewood Cliffs,: Prentice Hall. (1971). Paperback. Fine. $12.00 (Stock number 003ent0221a)

Rubin, Benny. Come Backstage with Me. Bowling Green: Bowling Green University Popular Press. F/F dj $12.00 (Stock number 003ent135)

David Zinman 50 from the 50's.. New Rochelle: Arlington House. 1979 VF/VF $25.00 (Stock number 003ent103)

Bill Treadwell. 50 Years of American Comedy. NY: Exposition Press. 1951 G Ex Library $12.00 (Stock number 003ent137)

Lee, Raymond. Fit for the Chase - Cars and the Movies. NY:A.S. Barnes & Co./Castle Books. 1969 F/VG dj $12.00 (Stock number 003ent132)

Kalton C. Lahue. Gentlemen to the Rescue - The Heroes of the Silent Screen. S. Brunswick & NY:A.S. Barnes & Co. 1972 F/VG dj $12.00 (Stock number 003ent111)

Robert Campbell. The Golden Years of Broadcasting. NY:Scribners 1976 F/F $20.00 (Stock number 003ent121)

Cahn, William and Cahn, Rhoda. The Great American Comedy Scene. NY: Monarch. 1977 Paperback F $12.00 (Stock number 003ent111a)

Gavin Lambert. GWTW. The Making of Gone With The Wind. Boston:Little Brown 1973 First ED. F/VG $20.00 (Stock number 003ent104)

George Fredley & John A. Reeves. A History of the Theatre. New York: Crown Publishers. 1941 Ex library. Profusely illustrated. 688 pgs. VG-F. $18.00 (Stock number 003ent141)

Jacqueline Nicholson. Hollywood Hunks. From Gable to Reynolds. Cresskill, NJ 1983 PB F $12.00 (Stock number 003ent109)

Spears, Jack. Hollywood: The Golden Era. NY:A.S. Barnes & Co./Castle Books. 1971 F/VG dj $12.00 (Stock number 003ent131)

John Milton Hagen. Holly-Would! New Rochelle: Arlington House. 1974. Fine with VG dust jacket $12.00 (Stock number 003ent106)

Arthur Schulman and Roger Youman. How Sweet It Was - Television: a pictorial commentary with 1435 photographs. NY:Bonanza Books. (1966) VG/VG $15.00 (Stock number 003ent107)

Mario Puzo. Inside Las Vegas. NY Grosset & Dunlap. 1977 2nd ptg. F/VG $14.00 (Stock number 003ent116)

Merrill Markoe. Late Night with David Letterman. The Book. NY: Villard/ 1985 PB 1st ed. Cover has fold o/w VG-F $12.00 (Stock number 003ent118)

Life Goes to the Movies. NY:Wallaby 1977 3rd ptg. VG PB $12.00 (Stock number 003ent114)

Zierold, Norman. The Moguls. NY:Coward-McCann. 1969 VG/VG dj Foxing on top edge of book. $12.00 (Stock number 003ent133)

Maurice Zolotow. No People Like Show People. NY: Random House. 1951 Ex library. G. Spine partially detached. $12.00 (Stock number 003ent139)

Irving Settel. A Pictorial History of Radio NY:Grosset & Dunlap. (1967) VG/VG $12.00 (Stock number 003ent108)

Pop Today. London: Hamlyn 1974 VG/VG $12.00 (Stock number 003ent119)

Beatts, Anne and Head, John, editors. Saturday Night Live. NY: Avon Books/Above Average Productions. 1977. Paperback G Cover folds, bent corners (003ent 129) $12.00

Jane Wagner. The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe. The Broadway Smash Starring Lily Tomlin. NY: Harper & Row. 1985.First Edition. Fine with dustjacket. $25.00 (Stock number 003ent115)

Wilson, Earl. The Show Business Nobody Knows. NY: William Morrow. 1966 Ex Library $12.00 (Stock number 003ent136)

Newquist, Roy. Showcase - A candid cross section of the show world by the people who make it show business. Bowling Green: Bowling Green University Popular Press. F/F dj $12.00 (Stock number 003ent135)

Kenneth Tynan. Show People. NY:Simon & Schuster. 1979 1st ptg. F/F $15.00 (Stock number 003ent113)

Richard Schickel. The Stars. NY Bonanza Books. 1962 F/G $12.00 (Stock number 003ent120)

Bernard Sobel, editor. The Theatre Handbook and Digest of Plays. New York: Crown Publishers. 1940 Ex library. 900 pgs. Separating spine. VG-F. $18.00 (Stock number 003ent142)

Belasco, David. The Theatre Through Its Stage Door. New York: Harper & Brothers. 1919 Illustrated from photographs. Ex library. Binding split, loose pages. Good. $12.00 (Stock number 003ent523d)

Christine Grenz.Trans-Lux. Biography of a Corporation. Norwalk, CT: Trans-Lux Corp. 1982. Fine with previous owner's book plate. $25.00 (Stock number 003ent102) SOLD

Judy Fireman. TV Book. The Ultimate Television Book. NY:Workman 1977. PB 1st prtg. F $12.00 (Stock number 003ent110)

Harry Castleman and Walter J. Podrazik. Watching TV. Four Decades of American Television. NY:McGraw-Hill. 1982 VF-F/F $20.00 (Stock number 003ent105)

Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Movie Storybook. NY:Golden Book. Western Publ. 1988. First Ptg.VF $15.00 (Stock number 003ent127)

Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Movie Storybook. NY:Golden Book. Western Publ. 1988.Later printing VF $12.00 (Stock number 003ent128)

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