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1911 French Decorative Interiors - Louis XV & Louis XVI

The cover does not provide any hint to the wonderful plates of decorative interiors contained in this oversized volume. "Decorations Interieurs" Volume II, was written by Cesar Daly and published in Paris in 1911 by Librairie Generale de Architecture et des Arts Decoratifs, Ch. Massin editor. The book covers the architecture and sculptural ornaments of the interiors of French buildings from the Louis XV and Louis XVI periods. Included are salons, dining rooms, bedrooms, doors, stairways, ceiling, paneling, mirrors, etc. There are 40 plates from the Louis XV (1715-1774) period and 55 plates from the Louis XVI (1774-1791) period. Some of the plates are two pages wide. The book measures 13" x 17.5". The title page has been professionally conserved. There is water damage to the cover and the edges of some of the plates. There is also age related yellowing on the prints. (Stock number 003FrDec0211) $100.00 SOLD

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