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Hypnotism and Magic Books and Ephemera

Magician's Handy Book of Cigarette Tricks also coin and card magic. R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. 1933. 36 pages. Includes Camel cigarette and Prince Albert Tobacco Advertising. (Stock number 003mag0226aa) $35.00

Gilbert Mysto Magic - Book of Instructions by The A. C. Gilbert Company. 1938. 16 pages. Paper loss back cover. VG-fine (Stock number 003mag0924a) $30.00

Magic Catalogue 12 - Louis Tannen, Inc. New York: Louis Tannen, Inc. 1978 701 pages. Previous owner's name and address on flyleaf, marks next to some of the items. VG-Fine. (Stock number 003mag0924c) $40.00

Modern Magician's Hand Book by William J. Hilliar. An Up-to-Date Treatise on the Art of Conjuring. Chicago: Frederick J. Drake & Co. 1902. 440 pages. Cover rubbed, spine loose. Fine. (Stock number 003mag0605a) $95.00

Encyclopedia of Cigarette Tricks by Keith Clark. New York: Louis Tannen, Inc. 1937, 1952. 304 pages. Label residue on front cover. VG-Fine. (Stock number 003mag0924g) $40.00

Tricks and Stunts with Playing Cards Plus Games of Solitaire by Joseph Leeming. New York: Gramercy Publishing Co. 1949. 107 pages. Dust Jacket soiled, book fine. (Stock number 003mag0924d) $20.00

Bell's Book of Tricks - Cards/Paper/Handkerchiefs/Coins by Patrick Page. New York: Bell Publishing Co. 1974. 121 pages. Dust Jacket - Fine, Book - Fine. (Stock number 003mag0924e) $15.00

Magic Catalog No. 27 - Practical tricks for home, club, stage. Amateur & Professional. 1974. 78 pages. Cover lightly soiled. VG-Fine. (Stock number 003mag0924f) $15.00

Hollywood Magic Inc. St. Pierre Enterprises Catalog of Magic No. 11. 1977. 163 pages. Fine. (Stock number 003mag0924h) $15.00

Hollywood Magic Inc. St. Pierre Enterprises Catalog of Magic No. 12. 1980. 192 pages. Fine. (Stock number 003mag0924h) $15.00

Houdini On Magic edited by Walter B. Gibson & Morris N. Young. Dover Publications. 1953. 280 pages. Paperback. Cover soiled. VG-Fine. (Stock number 003mag0924b) $10.00

Modern Magic Manual by Jean Hugard. London: Faber and Faber . 1957. 372 pages. Some nicks and tears in dustjacket. Very Good - Fine. (Stock number 003mag0605b) $35.00

The "Tops" An Independent Magazine of Magic. Volume 2 No. 1 April 1937. 54 pages. Printed and Published by Abbott's Magic Novelty Co. Colon, Michigan. Articles by Edward Novack, E. Reese, Harold Sterling, Eddie Clever, Alvin M. Arndt, H Adrian Smith, Lester Lake, John Snyder Jr., Harry R, Hauptman.etc. Sample Thurston Program. Staining lower left (Stock number 003mag0226d) $35.00

100 Classic Houdini Trick You Can Do by Dunninger. NY: Arco Second Printing 1976.. 144 pages. Very Good. . (Stock number 003mag0226f) $25.00

Bruce Elliot. Magic As A Hobby. New Tricks for Amateur Performers. Forward by Orson Wells. New York: Gramercy Publ. Copyright 1948. [230pgs]. Very good with torn dustjacket. (Stock number 003mag1122a) $25.00

Edward F. Dolan Jr. The Complete Beginner's Guide to Magic. Garden City: Doubleday. 1997. 148 pgs. Very good with torn dustjacket. (Stock number 003mag1122b) $25.00

Illustrated Magic by Ottokar Fischer. NY: Macmillan. 1942. With an introduction by Fulton Oursler and an unpublished chapter by Harry Kellar. Translated and edited by J.B. Mussey and Fulton Oursler. 206 pg. with photographic illustrations. Some spine and cover rubbing - very good condition. (Stock number 003mag425) $45.00

Minute Magic by Clettis Musson. 1953. 36 pages. Fine. (Stock number 003mag1022c) $10.00

Magic for Bartenders by Senor Mardo. No date. 26 pages. Fine. (Stock number 003mag1022d) $10.00

Kanter's Magic Catalog - Magicians' Headquarters Catalog of Superior Magic No. 10. 1958. 408 pages. Very good. (Stock number 003mag1022e) $25.00

George McAthy's Smart Talk with Added Material for Magicians & M. C.'s Clever gags, slick routines, funny remarks & entertaining patter that will create a thousand laughs! 1952. 32 pages. Very good-Fine. (Stock number 003mag1022g) $10.00

Modern Mysteries - G. C. Hines. 1915. 12 pages. Fine. (Stock number 003mag1022h) $15.00

A Demonstrator's Dream Part 3. Lex Zaleta's tips, routines, and strategies on: past parts revisited, bill tube, conjure ring, mini-miracle balls and more. 1980. 22 pages. Fine. (Stock number 003mag1022j) $10.00

George McAthy's Smart Business for Magicians & M. C.'s Comedy magic, funny business, laugh routines, new smart talk. 1946. 32 pages. Very good-Fine. (Stock number 003mag1022k) $10.00

The Wizard of Odds by Ronnie Gann. 1964. 38 pages. Very good-Fine. (Stock number 003mag1022m) $10.00

Wehman Bros. Trick with Coins (89 Illustrations) or Modern Coin Manipulation by T. Nelson Downs "King of Koins". New York: Wehman Bros. 1905. 84 pages. Remarkably well preserved illustrated pamphlet printed on newsprint. Cover soil, edge loss and yellowing. (Stock number 003mag0226b) $65.00 SOLD

Magic by Ho Yam. c. 1920's. 136 pages. Very good-Fine. (Stock number 003mag1022b) $25.00 SOLD

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