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Ionesco - The Bald Soprano

Ionesco - The Bald Soprano anti-play, followed by an unpublished scene. Translated by Donald M. Allen. typographical interpretations by Massin and photographic interpretations by Henry Cohen. Based on the Nicolas Bataille Paris production, with the collaboration of the actors of the Theatre de la Huchette. Grove Press, Inc. New York. c. 1956, 1965. Not paginated. 8.5" x 11" Book near fine, dust jacket very good. Dust jacket has tears and folds.

Eugene Ionesco (1909-1994) established the theater of the absurd when, while learning English, he was struck by the meaningless platitudes used as lessons in his textbook. His revolution in drama revolved around the themes of self-estrangement and the absence of meaningful communication. The employment of nonrepresentational and surrealistic techniques provided him with a means to attack blind conformity and totalitarianism. This volume is an outstanding example of literary, graphic and photographic collaboration. It calls upon the same surrealist images that are portrayed on stage. Stage directions are interspersed with the bold black and white images. (Stock number 003Ionesco) SOLD

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