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Nick Carter Detective Novels

New Magnet Library published the stories of Nick Carter from the late 19th through the early 20th centuries. Nicholas Carter was synonymous with good, clean, swiftly moving detective stories. Because they were published in paperback form they were inexpensive to produce and readily affordable. Though often scoffed at by elitist critics, over 30 million copies of Nick Carter stories were sold. Support for these escapist works came from all levels of society. The books that we are offering all have discolored pages and some soiling. All are complete. Other defects noted.

005nc1022 | 005nc1090 | 005nc1222

A Bite of an Apple No. 1022 1899 Good-Very Good Condition. Edge roughness, pencil marks on cover. (Stock number 005nc1022) SOLD

A Bonded Villain No. 1090 1903 VG-Fine Condition. (Stock number 005nc1090) SOLD

A Woman at Bay No. 1222 1907 Fine Condition. (Stock number 005nc1222) SOLD

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