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A Picture of New York in 1846 - Guide Book to Places

A Picture of New York in 1846; with a short account of Places in its Vicinity; Designed as a Guide to Citizens and Strangers: with numerous engravings, and A Map of the City. New York: Homans & Ellis, 1846. 176 pages.

This wonderful little guide book provides a detailed and absorbing history of the many historic public buildings, institutions, churches, markets, transportation, and historic homes of New York City when the United States was just over 50 years old. A small section describing similar sites in Brooklyn is included. 36 engravings enhance the appeal of this small volume. New York City had a population of 371,000 at the time the book was written. A glance at the names of the men affiliated with the colleges of New York is a Who's Who of prominent and well known people. It included T. Frelinghuysen and Samuel Morse. The book measures 4" wide x 5.75" high. The map is missing. There is a slit on the spine and many pages are water stained. The binding is tight and all pages are readable. (003bkNY1846) $150.00

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