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The Art of Perfumery - G. W. Septimus Piesse 1857

The Art of Perfumery and the method of obtaining the odor of plants with the instructions for the manufacture of perfumes for the handkerchief, scented powders, odorous vinegars, dentifrices, ponatums, cosmetiques, perfumed soap, etc. by G. W. Septimus Piesse. 1857 Published in Philadelphia by Lindsay and Blakiston. 304 pages. It includes an appendix on the colors of flowers, artificial fruit essences, etc. The first edition was published in London in 1855. We believe this to be the first American edition. This book is considered the seminal work on perfumery; essentially a cookbook for perfumers. The development and manufacture of perfumes has changed little since this book was published almost 150 years ago. Each chapter is devoted to one fragrance such as almond, jasmine, musk, orange, patchouly, clove and others. Additional chapters illustrate the methods for producing scented soaps, creams, oils and other products. The covers have been soiled. Flyleaf has label as shown in picture below. All pages are intact but several pages show heavy use and there is some strain to the binding. Pages show some toning near the edges. (Stock number 003Perfume) SOLD

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