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Pluck and Luck Adventure Magazines

Pluck and Luck - Complete Stories of Adventure was a widely read pulp adventure magazine published from the 1890's through the 1920's. The weekly publication combined fiction with geography and history in stories of daring-do around the world. Their striking color covers were typical of their genre. They are yellowed from age and have small tears, edge roughness or nicks. Other defects are noted. Please click on the issue number to view the cover.

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Click for larger image No. 1549 February 8, 1928 The White World; or the Slaves of Siberia by Howard Austin. (Stock number 003Pluck1549) $15.00

No. 1089 April 16, 1919 Boy Pards; or, Making a Home on the Border by An Old Scout. Tears along spine. (Stock number 003Pluck1089) $15.00

No. 1090 April 23, 1919 The Twenty Doctors; or, The Mystery of the Coast by Capt. Thos. H. Wilson. Tears along spine. (Stock number 003Pluck1090) $15.00

No. 1110 September 10, 1919 Larry the Life Saver; or, A Born Fireman by Ex-Fire Chief Warden. Large tear along spine. (Stock number 003Pluck1110) $15.00

No. 1113 October 1, 1919 On Board a Man-of-War; or, Jack Farragut in the U.S. Navy by Capt. Thos. H. Wilson. Cover detached, tear along spine. (Stock number 003Pluck1113) $15.00

No. 1139 March 31, 1920 Ned North, The Young Arctic Explorer; or, The Phantom Valley of the North Pole by Berton Bertrew. (Stock number 003Pluck1139) $15.00

No. 1141 April 14, 1920 Kit Carson's Boys; or, With the Great Scout on His Last Trail by An Old Scout. (Stock number 003Pluck1141) $20.00 SOLD

No. 1176 December 15, 1920 "Special" Bob; or the Pride of the Road by Jas. C. Merritt. Cover detached. (Stock number 003Pluck1176) $15.00

No. 1183 February 2, 1921 Down the Shaft; or The Hidden Fortune of a Boy Miner by Howard Austin. Front and back covers separated and detached, paper loss at upper right corner. (Stock number 003Pluck1183) $15.00

No. 1188 March 9, 1921 Gold Gulch; or, Pandy Ellis' Last Trail by An Old Scout. Covers detached. (Stock number 003Pluck1188) $15.00

No. 1338 January 23, 1924 Ollie, The Office Boy; or, The Struggles of a Poor Waif by Allyn Draper. Tears along edge and along spine. (Stock number 003Pluck1338) $15.00

No. 1348 April 2, 1924 The Boys in Blue; or, Football Champions of Cherryville by Allan Arnold. Tears along edge and along spine. (Stock number 003Pluck1348) $20.00

No. 1350 April 16, 1924 The Block House Boys; or, The Young Pioneers of the Great Lakes by An Old Scout. Tears along lower edge, lower right corner nibbled. (Stock number 003Pluck1350) $15.00

No. 1367 August 13, 1924 The Red Privateer; or, The First to Float the Stars and Stripes by Capt. Thos. H. Wilson. (Stock number 003Pluck1367) $15.00

No. 1373 September 24, 1924 Whirlwind Jack; or, Captain Heald's Boy Messenger by Genl. Jas. A. Gordon. Tears along edge. (Stock number 003Pluck1373) $15.00

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