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The Popular Magazine - Early 20th Century Pulp Story Magazine

The Popular Magazine was one of a number of pulp magazines that published what could be called a literary magazine for the common man. It was published twice a month by Street & Smith and contained full length and serialized novels and short stories in several genres. It describes itself as a magazine for men and women who like to read about men. It has the love story without the mush, the dramatic story without the staginess, the business, mystery, and adventure story in their best and highest form. The newsstand price was 15 cents. We are again impressed by the vocabulary and the quality of the stories that appeared in these mass market publications. We offer a small selection of magazines from 1914 to 1928. The covers are rough with small tears, paper missing from the spine and rough edges. Still a very interesting series for anyone interested in the social history of the United States in the early part of the 20th century. $25.00 each

Nov. 7, 1914 - No. 4, Vol. 34. Includes "The Conflict" adventure serial from the battlefields of Europe and B. M. Bower's booklength novel. (Stock number 003PopMag1114)

Mar. 23, 1915 - No. 1, Vol. 36. (Stock number 003PopMag0315)

July 20, 1916 - No. 3, Vol. 41. (Stock number 003PopMag0716)

Published Weekly May 12, 1928 - No. 2, Vol. XCI. Includes "War Paint" by Dane Coolidge, "The Vanishing Prospector" by J. H. Green, stories by Roy Norton, Charles Neville Buck and others. (Stock number 003PopMag0528)

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