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Railroad Pulp Magazines

In the thirties, forties, and fifties America read about its railroad heroes in these pulp magazines. Most of the copies are in very good-fine condition. Nicks, chips, soiling and dog-ears are common. The title of the cover and the artist are listed for each issue where that information was available. Residents of MA must add 5% Sales Tax. American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover Card accepted.

Railroad Man's Magazine changed its name to Railroad Magazine.

Railroad Magazine. February 1943. Cutting Off the Helper by Aurion M. Proctor. (Stock number 003RR4302) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. April 1943. The Old Covered Bridge by Frederick Blakeslee. (Stock number 003RR4304) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. May 1943. Telling the Public: Rail Advs. in Wartime. (Stock number 003RR4305) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. June 1943. Turning the Concord Road's 31 by Douglas Hilliker. (Stock number 003RR4306) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. August 1943. The Martha's Vineyard Narrow-Gage by Frederick Blakeslee. (Stock number 003RR4308) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. November 1943. Queen of the Valley (Reading Company) by Frederick Blakeslee. (Stock number 003RR4311) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. January 1944. Philadelphia's Broad Street Station (PRR), Christmas 1895 by Douglas Hilliker. (Stock number 003RR4401) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. March 1944. Engines at War (Chesapeake & Ohio) by Henry B. Comstock. (Stock number 003RR4403) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. April 1944. Hooping Them Up (Western Pacific) by Frederick Blakeslee. (Stock number 003RR4404) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. May 1944. Fuel for a Great Nation (Reading) by Frederick Blakeslee. Largest Anthracite Carrier - The Story of the Reading Railway. (Stock number 003RR4405) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. June 1944. Bridging Great Salt Lake - The Story of Lucin Cutoff. (Stock number 003RR4406) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. July 1944. Electrification - Is it the Answer to Post-War Competition? (Stock number 003RR4407) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. August 1944. 42 Years as a Towerman by Harry F. Thomas. (Stock number 003RR4408) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. September 1944. Geared for Tonnage - Norfolk & Western's Job is Moving Mountains. (Stock number 003RR4409) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. October 1944. Locomotives of the Chesapeake & Ohio. (Stock number 003RR4410) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. February 1945. Winter Way Stop by Frederick Blakeslee. (Stock number 003RR4502) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. April 1945. Spring Inspection by Frederick Blakeslee. Inspection Engines by Charles E. Fisher. (Stock number 003RR4504) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. May 1945. Sierra Fire-Fighters by Aurion M. Proctor. (Stock number 003RR4505) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. June 1945. Coenties Slip - N. Y. Third Avenue El by Aurion M. Proctor. (Stock number 003RR4506) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. July 1945. Headlights and Fireg (Erie Railroad) by Aurion M. Proctor. (Stock number 003RR4507) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. August 1945. In the Mohawk Valley by Frederick Blakeslee. (Stock number 003RR4508) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. September 1945. Rails Across the Bay (CNJ) by Frederick Blakeslee. (Stock number 003RR4509) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. October 1945. Glass-Dome Observation Coach (Burlington System) by Aurion M. Proctor. (Stock number 003RR4510) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. December 1945. Ice-Boaters Greet the Albany Express (New York Central, 1870) by Frederick Blakeslee. State-Owned Railroad by Herbert G. Monroe. (Stock number 003RR4512) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. February 1949. Coaling Up (Erie) by Frederick Blakeslee. (Stock number 003RR4902) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. May 1949. Over the Hell Gate (New Haven Road) by Frederick Blakeslee. (Stock number 003RR4905) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. June 1949. Rounding Up the Consist (Union Pacific) by Philip A. Ronfor. (Stock number 003RR4906) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. July 1949. Harborside Railroading (PRR) by Aurion Proctor. (Stock number 003RR4907) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. August 1949. Denver, Leadville & Gunnison by Philip A. Ronfor. (Stock number 003RR4908) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. September 1949. Desert Terminal, Union Pacific by Frederick Blakeslee. (Stock number 003RR4909) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. October 1949. Shoreline (New Haven) by Frederick Blakeslee. (Stock number 003RR4910) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. November 1949. Erie's New Home (Cleveland Union Terminal) by Frederick Blakeslee. (Stock number 003RR4911) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. December 1949. Oil for the Lamps of Philadelphia by Herb Mott. (Stock number 003RR4912) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. January 1950. Better Grade for the Big G (Great Northern) by Herb Mott. (Stock number 003RR5001) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. February 1950. "Railroad Service: Normal (Milwaukee Road) by Herb Mott. (Stock number 003RR5002) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. September 1950. In from the Meadows by Herb Mott. (Stock number 003RR5009) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. October 1950. New-Fangled Competition by Herb Mott. (Stock number 003RR5010) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. December 1950. Handle with Care by Herb Mott. (Stock number 003RR5012) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. January 1951. Unscheduled Stop by Herb Mott. (Stock number 003RR5101) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. February 1951. Overnighter (Western Maryland) by Herb Mott. (Stock number 003RR5102) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. April 1951. End of the Run - Weehawken (New York Central) by Charles Evers. (Stock number 003RR5104) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. May 1951. The Circus Comes to Town (Rock Island) by Herb Mott. (Stock number 003RR5105) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. June 1951. Flagstop on the Fraser (Canadian Pacific Railway) by Frederick Blakeslee. (Stock number 003RR5106) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. July 1951. Ballast for the High Iron (Western Pacific) by Herb Mott. (Stock number 003RR5107) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. August 1951. Set-outs and Pick-ups (Reading) by Herb Mott. (Stock number 003RR5108) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. September 1951. Oversize Shipment (Erie) by Herb Mott. (Stock number 003RR5109) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. October 1951. Fueling Stop (Santa Fe) by Herb Mott. (Stock number 003RR5110) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. December 1951. Business as Usual (Chicago Outer Belt Line) by Herb Mott. Cover taped. (Stock number 003RR5112) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. September 1952. Waterfront Switcher (Long Island Rail Road) by Bob Lavin. Houston Union Station - Texas Boom-Town's Colorful Terminal. (Stock number 003RR5209) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. October 1952. CPR Freight Diesel by Herb Mott. (Stock number 003RR5210) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. November 1952. Pennsy Wire Train by Herb Mott. Pride of the Northwest - The Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway. (Stock number 003RR5211) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. December 1952. The Minute Man (Boston & Maine) by Herb Mott. (Stock number 003RR5212) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. January 1953. Christmas Mail Train (CNR) by Herb Mott. (Stock number 003RR5301) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. February 1953. South Shore Line - The Chicago-South Bend Heavy-Duty Electric Road. (Stock number 003RR5302) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. June 1953. Interurban Windsplitters by Herb Mott. Railroads of Spokane - Capital of the Inland Empire. (Stock number 003RR5306) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. August 1953. Lumber Pike Mallet by Herb Mott. Railroad Town - Hagerstown, Maryland is Still Steam Territory. (Stock number 003RR5308) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. November 1953. Rail to Water, Ann Arbor Railroad by Herb Mott. Trains of Toledo The Glass and Coal Capital is Served by 9 Big Railroads. (Stock number 003RR5311) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. December 1953. Sacramento Northern Juice Hog by Herb Mott. The Clinchfield Route - CRR's Alleghenies are Scenic and Coal Seams Pay Dividends. (Stock number 003RR5312) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. January 1954. The Northern Alberta Railway - Canada's Third Largest System. (Stock number 003RR5401) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. February 1954. Oil Country Railroad (Texas & Pacific) by Herb Mott. Railroads of the Twin Cities - A Service Second to None in Minneapolis-St. Paul. (Stock number 003RR5402) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. March 1954. A Steam-Diesel Meet on the Southern by Herb Mott. Farewell to the Moguls - B&M's Slide Valve 2-6-Os Bow Out in New Hampshire. (Stock number 003RR5403) $15.00

Railroad Magazine. April 1954. Central Vermont Car Checker by Ralph Gross. The Train that makes a Thousand Stops Rolls through the Southwest with Bob Hegge and His Camera. (Stock number 003RR5404) $15.00

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