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Science Fiction and Fantasy Pulp Magazines

Amazing Stories June 1926. Stories by H. G. Wells, Jules Verne, Ellis Parker Butler, G. Peyton Wertenbaker. Cover partially detached, spine torn with paper loss, folds, writing in ink on cover. (Stock number 003SciFi01) $174.00

Amazing Stories February 1927. Stories by H. G. Wells, Garrett P. Serviss, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Capt. H. G. Bishop. Cover partially detached, spine torn with paper loss. (Stock number 003SciFi02) $187.00

Amazing Stories June 1929. Stories by Miles J. Breuer, M.D., Stanton Coblentz, Robert A. Wait, Peter Brough. Spine slightly torn. (Stock number 003SciFi03) $86.00

Amazing Stories July 1932. Stories by Harl Vincent, Francis Flagg, David H. Keller, M.D., J. Lewis Burtt, Ameilia Reynolds Long. Cover partially detached. (Stock number 003SciFi04) $40.00

Amazing Stories September 1932. Stories by Jack Williamson, Charles Cloukey, Joe W. Skidmore, Neil R. Jones. (Stock number 003SciFi05) $60.00

Famous Fantastic Mysteries Sept - Oct, 1939. Vol. 1, #1. Stories by A. Merritt, Manly Wade Wellman, Robert Neal Leath, Ray Cummings, Donald Wandrei, J. U. Giesy. Cover soiled, spine split. (Stock number 003SciFi06) $35.00

Famous Fantastic Mysteries Dec. 1947. Stories by Cyril Hume, Warwick Deeping, A. Conan Doyle, Robert W. Chambers. (Stock number 003SciFi07) $30.00

Famous Fantastic Mysteries Mar. 1951. Stories by Arthur J. Rees, H. P. Lovecraft, Jerome K. Jerome. (Stock number 003SciFi08) $15.00

Famous Fantastic Mysteries July 1951. Stories by H. G. Wells, Sax Rohmer. Cover fold. (Stock number 003SciFi09) $39.00

Fantastic Adventures Feb. 1940. Stories by Bertrand L. Shurtleff, Phil Nowland, Nelson S. Bond, Russell Storm, Thornton Ayre, Don Wilsox. (Stock number 003SciFi10) $60.00

Fantastic Adventures Mar. 1949. Stories by Alexander Blade, Guy Archette, Berkeley Livingston, Robert W. Krepps, Geoff St. Reynard, H. B. Hickey. Torn corner on title page, rough edges on lower cover margin. (Stock number 003SciFi11) $40.00

Fantastic Novels July 1940. Vol. 1, #1. Stories by Austin Hall and Homer Eon Flint, Perley Poore Sheehan. (Stock number 003SciFi12) $33.00

Hollywood Detective Jan. 1950. Stories by Herb Smith, Clint Murdock, Robert Leslie Bellem, Tom Morant. Spine partially split. (Stock number 003SciFi13) $50.00

Thrilling Wonder Stories Aug. 1952. Stories by Edmund Hamilton, Jack Vance, Alan E. Nourse, Murray Leinster. Cover partially detached, rough edges. (Stock number 003SciFi14) $45.00

Unknown Worlds Dec. 1941. Stories by Cleve Cartmill, Jane Rice, Anthony Boucher, Theodore Sturgeon. (Stock number 003SciFi15) $35.00

Unknown Worlds Oct. 1942. Stories by John Riverside, Fredric Brown, Jane Rice, Henry Kuttner. (Stock number 003SciFi16) $35.00

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