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A Selection of Vintage Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Hardback Trade Editions

Anne McCaffrey. The Rowan. NY:Putnam/Ace. 1990. 1st ed. F w/VG dj (Stock number 005sf1230b) $13.00

Hardback Bookclub Editions

Brian W. Aldiss. Neanderthal Planet. VG/Gdj (Stock number 005sf1230q) $10.00

Poul Anderson, The Avatar. VG-F w/vg dj $10.00 SOLD

Poul Anderson, Firetime. F w/G dj. (Stock number 005sf1230t) $10.00

Greg Bear. Moving Mars. F/Fdj (Stock number 005sf1230g) $10.00

Orson Scott Card. Homecoming: Harmony F/Fdj (Stock number 005sf1230r) $10.00

C.J. Cherry. Foreigner F/Fdj (Stock number 005sf1230s) $10.00

Arthur C. Clarke. Rendezvous with Rama. VG-F w/dj (Stock number 005sf101a) $10.00 SOLD

Arthur C. Clarke. Imperial Earth VG-F w/dj (Stock number 005sf101b) $10.00 SOLD

Arthur C. Clarke and Gregory Benford. Beyond the Fall of Night. F/F (Stock number 005sf1230o) $10.00

Arthur C. Clarke and Gentry Lee. Rama Revealed. F/F (Stock number 005sf0113g) $10.00

Stephen R. Donaldson. Chaos and Order F/Fdj (Stock number 005sf1230t) $10.00

David Gerrold Voyage of the Star Wolf F/F (Stock number 005sf1230w) $10.00

Robert Jordan. Lord of Chaos F/Fdj (Stock number 005sf1230u) $10.00

Mercedes Lackey. By the Sword. F/Fdj (Stock number 005sf1230d) $10.00

Mercedes Lackey. Vows and Honor. F/F dj (Stock number 005sf1230e) $10.00

Anne McCaffrey. Damia. F w/F dj (Stock number 005sf1230c) $10.00

Anne McCaffrey. Damia's Childen F w/F dj (Stock number 005sf0113a) $10.00

Anne McCaffrey. Freedom's Landing F/F (Stock number 005sf1230f) $10.00

Anne McCaffrey. Lyon's Pride F/F (Stock number 005sf0113b) $10.00

Anne McCaffrey and Jody Lynn Nye. The Ship Who Won F/F (Stock number 005sf0113d) $10.00

Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Moon. Generation Warriers/ F/F (Stock number 005sf0113e) $10.00

Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough. Power Lines.F/F (Stock number 005sf1230h) $10.00

Anne McCaffrey and S. M. Stirling. The City Who Fought. F/F (Stock number 005sf1230v) $10.00

Andre Norton and Mercedes Lackey. Elvenblood. VG/F (Stock number 005sf1230p) $10.00

Doris Piserchia. Spaceling. F/VGdj (Stock number 005sf1230p) $10.00

Frederik Pohl. Man Plus VG-F w/dj (Stock number 005sf101c) $10.00 SOLD

Terry Pratchett. Equal Rites. F/F (Stock number 005sf1230j) $10.00

R.A. Salvatore. Luthien's Gamble. F/F (Stock number 005sf1230aa) $10.00

Melissa Scott. Dreamships F/F (Stock number 005sf1230y) $10.00

Dan Simmons. Children of the Night. F/VG (Stock number 005sf1230z) $10.00

Tad Williams. To Green Angel Tower. F/F (Stock number 005sf1230t) $10.00

Robert Charles Wilson. Mysterium. F/F (Stock number 005sf1230u) $10.00

Paperback Books

A.E. Van Vogt. Quest for the Future. Ace Books. 1970 VG (Stock number 005sf101f) $8.00 SOLD

Ira Levin This Perfect Day. Fawcett. 1970 pb VG (Stock number 005sf101g) $7.00 SOLD

Jeff Rovin. UFO Movie Quiz Book. Signet Books 1978 1st printing. pb VG-F (Stock number 005sf101h) $8.00 SOLD

Thomas F. Monteleone. Seeds of Change. Laser Books Limited Collectors Ed. 1975. pb Cover by Kelly Freas. F-VF(Stock number 005sf101k) $8.00 SOLD

Bob Shaw. Shadow of Heaven. Avon Books 1969. 1st edition. pb VG (Stock number 005sf101m) $8.00 SOLD

Robert Heinlein. Farmer in the Sky. Ballantine Books. 1975 printing. VG (Stock number 005sf101p) $8.00 SOLD

Frank Herbert. The Santaroga Barrier. Berkeley Medallion Books. 2nd printing June 1970. Originally published in Amazing Stores. VG (Stock number 005sf101q) $8.00 SOLD

Frank Herbert. Destination Void. Berkeley Medallion Books.5th printing 1974 F-VF (Stock number 005sf101r) $8.00 SOLD

Ray Bradbury. Dandelion Wine. Bantam Pathfinder Edition. 14th printing 1969 VG (Stock number 005sf101s) $8.00 SOLD

Edgar Rice Burroughs. At The Earth's Core. Ace VG (Stock number 005sf101t) $8.00 SOLD

Edgar Rice Burroughs. Beyond The Farthest Star.Ace. F-VF 2nd printing 1973 (Stock number 005sf101u) $8.00 SOLD

Barry N. Malzberg. The Gamesman. Pocket Books.1975 F-VF (Stock number 005sf101x) $8.00 SOLD

(Magazine) Worlds of IF Science Fiction. Jan-Feb 1971. Hayden Howard, T.J. Bass, Keith Laumer, R.A. Lafferty (Stock number 005sf101y) $8.00 SOLD

Theodore Sturgeon. Venus Plus X. Pyramid. 4th printing 1969 VG (Stock number 005sf101z) $8.00 SOLD

Ursala K. Le Guin. The Lathe of Heaven. Avon. First printing 1973 VG-F (Stock number 005sf102a) $8.00 SOLD

E.C. Tubb. Space:1999. Breakaway. Pocket Books. 2nd printing 1975. VG-F (Stock number 005sf102b) $8.00 SOLD

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