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Scouting Books

A small selection of scouting books and books about scouts

Handbook for Boys. 33rd Printing, Dec. 1940. VG Cover loose, corner folds and rubbing. (Stock number 003bs0507a) $22.00

Handbook for Boys. Fifth Edition Third Printing. April 1950 VG Owners name on front page, folded corners. (Stock number 003bs1202a) $20.00

Boy Scout Handbook Sixth Edition First Printing. November 1959 VG Owners name on front page. Presentation label inside front cover (Stock number 003bs0903b) $17.00

Boy Scout Handbook Seventh Edition Sixth Printing. February 1970 VG VG-Fine (Stock number 003bs0903d) SOLD

Handbook for Patrol Leaders. 1963 printing. F (Stock number 003bs010) $15.00

Fieldbook for Boys and Men 1967 Fine (Stock number 003bs0903e) $17.00 SOLD

Patrol Leader's Handbook. 1969 printing. G-VG Patrol name written on cover in magic marker (Stock number 003bs020) $12.00

Boy Scout Requirements - Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star Scout, Life Scout, Eagle Scout, Merit Badges, Special Opportunities. 1969. (Stock number 003bs0809h) SOLD

Athletics Merit Badge. 1943, 1970 Printing. Ink and pencil marks inside. (Stock number 003bs0809a) $10.00

First Aid Merit Badge. 1957, 1970 Printing. (Stock number 003bs0809b) $10.00

Hiking Merit Badge. 1962, 1970 Printing. (Stock number 003bs0809c) $10.00

Personal Fitness Merit Badge. 1968, 1969 Printing. Pencil marks inside. (Stock number 003bs0809d) $10.00

Reptile Study Merit Badge. 1944, 1969 Printing. (Stock number 003bs0809e) $10.00

Rowing Merit Badge. 1964, 1969 Printing. (Stock number 003bs0809f) $10.00

Swimming Merit Badge. 1960, 1971 Printing. (Stock number 003bs0809g) $10.00

(Captain Alan Douglas, Scoutmaster) Boy Scouts in California M.A. Donohue & Co., Chicago 1913 VG/with Dust Jacket (Stock number 003bs0414a) $15.00

(G. Harvey Ralphson) Boy Scouts On the Columbia River in a Motor Boat M.A. Donohue & Co., Chicago 1912 VG (Stock number 003bs0306b) $15.00

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