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Maria Von Trapp and the Trapp Family

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Maria Von Trapp. Maria, My Own Story. Carol Stream IL:Creation House. 1972. 1st ed. F/F (005vt001) $25.00 SOLD

Maria Augusta Trapp. Yesterday, Today, and Forever. Philla:Lippincott. 1952 1st Ed. F/VG Signed by author (005vt002) $30.00 SOLD

Maria Augusta Trapp. Around the Year with the Trapp Family. NY:Pantheon. 1955 F/VG (005vt003) $20.00 SOLD

(Maria Augusta Trapp.) 1962 Trapp family lodge calendar. Includes photos of lodge and activities. 5"x8" (005vt004) $15.00 SOLD

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