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Western Pulp Magazines

Americans have had an enduring interest in reading about their Western heroes. Stories of cowboys and Indians started appearing in the latter part of the nineteenth century and continued to have a strong following into the mid twentieth century. These pulps were printed on poor quality paper. Condition varies, please preview covers. Nicks, chips and dog-ears are common. Defects are noted. Click on title to view cover. Residents of MA must add 5% Sales Tax. American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover accepted.

Action Stories Fall 1944 (Front cover detached and rough, back cover missing) (Stock number 003WestPulp01) $15.00

Best Western Novels Nov. 1947 (Stock number 003WestPulp02) $20.00

Big-Book Western Jan. 1954 (Stock number 003WestPulp29) $15.00

Dime Western Magazine October 1935 (Stock number 003WestPulp03) $20.00

Dime Western Magazine April 1945 (Stock number 003WestPulp04) $20.00

Double Action Western Sept. 1949 (Date in ink on cover) (Stock number 003WestPulp79) $20.00

Exciting Western November 1947 Bandit Busters of War Dance by W.C. Tuttle (Has been taped at top of spine (Stock number 003WestPulp41) $25.00

Famous Western April 1955. Border Bravo by Gordon D. Shireffs. Guns at Dawn by J.B. Allison. (Stock number 003WestPulp53) $25.00

.44 Western Magazine June 1947 (Stock number 003WestPulp67) $20.00

.44 Western Magazine April 1949 (Stock number 003WestPulp05) $20.00

Fighting Western February 1945 (Stock number 003WestPulp40) $20.00

Fifteen Western Tales January 1953. Draw Fast or Die by Bryce Walton (Stock number 003WestPulp43) $25.00

The Frontier Aug. 1925 (Front cover partially detached) (Stock number 003WestPulp83) $35.00 SOLD

The Frontier Sept. 1926 (Stock number 003WestPulp84) $35.00

The Frontier Nov. 1926 (Stock number 003WestPulp85) $35.00

Giant Western Summer 1948. Water, Grass and Gunsmoke by L.P. Holmes. The Mark of Cain by W.C. Tuttle (Stock number 003WestPulp52) $35.00

Giant Western June 1953 (Stock number 003WestPulp31) $25.00

Mammoth Western Aug. 1946, Vol. 2, No. 4. (Pencil scribbles on cover, stained lower portion of page) (Stock number 003WestPulp64) $15.00

Masked Rider Western July 1946 (Large bite out of cover) (Stock number 003WestPulp77) $15.00

New Western November 1943 (Stock number 003WestPulp39) $20.00

New Western January 1945 (Stock number 003WestPulp07) $20.00

New Western May 1953 (Stock number 003WestPulp32) $15.00

North West Romances Spring1940 (Cover partially detached) (Stock number 003WestPulp60) $15.00

North West Romances Winter 1945-46 (Cover partially detached) (Stock number 003WestPulp59) $15.00

Ranch Romances Second May 1935 (Covers are detached and have been taped) (Stock number 003WestPulp51) $25.00 SOLD

Ranch Romances 2nd. Jan. 1947 (Spine partially split, missing paper) (Stock number 003WestPulp57) $15.00

Ranch Romances 3rd. Oct. 1949 (Pencil scribbles on cover) (Stock number 003WestPulp09) $15.00

Ranch Romances 1st. Apr. 1950 (Stock number 003WestPulp10) $15.00

Ranch Romances 2nd. Apr. 1950 (Lower right corner missing.) (Stock number 003WestPulp11) $15.00

Ranch Romances 1st. Mar. 1952 (Stock number 003WestPulp13) $15.00

Ranch Romances 1st. Aug. 1952 (Stock number 003WestPulp14) $15.00

Ranch Romances 2nd. Dec. 1953 (Stock number 003WestPulp15) $15.00

Ranch Romances 1st. June 1954 (Stock number 003WestPulp16) $15.00

Ranch Romances 1st. July 1954 Scribbles on cover in ink. (Stock number 003WestPulp17) $15.00

Ranch Romances 2nd. Mar. 1955 (Stock number 003WestPulp18) $15.00

Ranch Romances 1st. Sept. 1955 (Stock number 003WestPulp19) $15.00

Real Western May 1953 (Stock number 003WestPulp33) $15.00

Star Western Magazine Oct. 1935 (Stock number 003WestPulp68) $25.00

Ten Story Western Magazine June1947 (Stock number 003WestPulp61) $20.00

Ten Story Western Magazine Aug. 1947 (Stock number 003WestPulp62) $20.00

Texas Rangers June 1947 (Back cover mostly detached) (Stock number 003WestPulp81) $20.00

Texas Rangers June 1948 (Stock number 003WestPulp20) $20.00

Texas Rangers Sept. 1949 (Paper loss on cover) (Stock number 003WestPulp63) $20.00

Texas Rangers Oct. 1949 (Stock number 003WestPulp65) $20.00

Texas Rangers April 1953 (Stock number 003WestPulp34) $15.00

Texas Rangers November 1957 (Stock number 003WestPulp35) $15.00

Texas Western March 1953 (Stock number 003WestPulp36) $15.00

Thrilling Ranch Stories May 1937 Six Gun Serenade by Forbes Parkhill. Her Mystery Man by Clinton Dangerfield.(Rear cover taped) (Stock number 003WestPulp42) $20.00 SOLD

Thrilling Western January 1942 (Front cover detached and torn, back cover missing) (Stock number 003WestPulp21) $15.00

Thrilling Western July 1946 (Nibble on lower edge of cover, paper loss) (Stock number 003WestPulp78) $15.00

Thrilling Western Western Aug. 1947 (Stock number 003WestPulp22) $25.00

Thrilling Western Western July 1952. Blood on the Lode by James D. Pinkham. (Rear cover partially detached) (Stock number 003WestPulp54) $25.00

Top-Notch Magazine Oct. 1913 (Stock number 003WestPulp23) $35.00

Top Western 1953 Vol. 2, No. 1 (Stock number 003WestPulp80) $15.00

Triple Western June 1953 (Stock number 003WestPulp37) $15.00

West July 21st, 1928 (Stock number 003WestPulp85) $35.00

West November 10th, 1928 (Stock number 003WestPulp86) $35.00

West July 1953 (Stock number 003WestPulp38) $15.00

The Western Novel Classic Texas Triggers by Eugene Cunningham 1938 (Stock number 003WestPulp24) $25.00

Western Story Magazine July 5, 1924 (Stock number 003WestPulp87) $35.00

Western Story Magazine June 1928 (Stock number 003WestPulp27) $30.00

Western Story (Street & Smith) August 9, 1930 (Stock number 003WestPulp44) $30.00

Western Story (Street & Smith) December 1, 1934 (Stock number 003WestPulp72) $25.00

Western Story (Street & Smith) July 27, 1935 (Stock number 003WestPulp71) $25.00

Western Story (Street & Smith) Sept. 30 1939 (Stock number 003WestPulp25) $25.00

Western Story (Street & Smith) January 25, 1941 (Cover torn) (Stock number 003WestPulp73) $20.00

Western Story (Street & Smith) February 8, 1941 (Cover partially detached, folds) (Stock number 003WestPulp76) $20.00

Western Story (Street & Smith) February 22, 1941 (Cover detached, paper loss on cover) (Stock number 003WestPulp75) $20.00

Western Story (Street & Smith) March 1, 1941 (Paper loss on cover) (Stock number 003WestPulp74) $20.00

Western Story (Street & Smith) March 29, 1941 (Stock number 003WestPulp70) $20.00

Western Story (Street & Smith) Oct. 31, 1942 (Stock number 003WestPulp26) $20.00

Western Trails January 1941 (Front cover detached) (Stock number 003WestPulp28) $15.00

Wild West Weekly Aug. 10th 1935 (Stock number 003WestPulp69) $25.00

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