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A Group of Inexpensive 8Mm and Super 8mm Camera

Stewart Warner Buddy 8 Model 532-B. Body with lense cap. Folding sports finder on side. Through body viewfinder. No lens (003camera106) $20.00

Dejur-Amsco Electra 233 Zoom. Vari-Zoom f1.9 lens. Automatic eye. Trigger grip. (Stock number 003camera0207a) $20.00 SOLD

Keystone 8mm K25 Capri. f1.9 lense (003camera101) $10.00 SOLD

Revere 8 Model 88. 8mm. Wollensak-Revere 12 1/2mm f2.5 Velostigmat.With leather case(Stock number 003camera0207b) $20.00 SOLD

Keystone 8mm Pathfinder K-29 f2.8 lens. (003camera829) $10.00 SOLD

Kodak Brownie Automatic f/2.3 Metered. 8mm (003camera102) $12.00 SOLD

Kodak Instamatic M14 Super 8mm. 14mm f2.7 (003camera103) $8.00 SOLD

Revere 8 Model Fifty. 8mm. 12.7mm f2.8 (003camera104) $12.00 SOLD

Revere 8 Model 99. 8mm. Bausch & Lomb 12.7mm f 2.8 Turret (003camera105) $20.00 SOLD

All cameras offered on the-forum are in as found condition. Unless otherwise noted these cameras do have operative shutters - but no effort has been made to check the shutter speeds for accuracy.

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