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Camera Manuals, Catalogs and Related Materials

Eastman Kodak Company. Picture taking with the Vest Pocket Kodak Series III Kodar Lends f7.9. 62 pages. 2.5" x 4.5" (Stock number 003camman18) $25.00

The 35mm EXA. 25pg Owners Manual with foldout of camera. circa 1956. G-VG (Stock number 003camman02) $20.00

Leica Price List. June 1, 1953 59pgs. VG (Stock number 003camman03) $20.00

Leica Lenses. 15pgs. 1953 Sales brochure with specs. VG (Stock number 003camman04) $15.00

Leitz Bellows Focusing Device. 8 pgs. 1953 Sales Brochure. (Stock number 003camman05) $12.00

Retina Reflex Guide. W.D. Emanuel. 3rd Edition. Retina Reflex III, Reflex S, Reflex. 1961 Focal Press. 72pgs. Fine. (Stock number 003camman06) $15.00

Rollei. Rolleiflex Automat, Rolleiflex 2.8C, Rolleicord V. 7 section (14 page) foldout. 1954 - VG-F (003camman11) $15.00

Rollei. 12 pages. 1954. 25th Anniversary Catalog includes Rolleicord IV,, Rolleiflex 3.5, Rolleiflex 2.8C- VG-F (003camman12) $15.00

Rolleiflex 2.8E In Practical Use. 59 page Owner's Manual. 1956. VG (003camman10) SOLD

Rollei. The Practical Accessories. 27 page catalog. 1963 VG-F (003camman13) $15.00

Rollei. News #18. The Latest Rollei Equipment. 11 pages. 1962. VG (003vamman14) $12.00

Eastman Kodak. Intructions for the use of the Cine-Kodak. 29pgs circa 1924. Fine (Stock number 003camman07) SOLD

Eastman Kodak. Intructions for operating the Kodak Motor Dive Unit for use with Cine-Kodak. 19pgs circa 1924. Fine (Stock number 003camman08) SOLD

Eastman Kodak. Intructions for operating the Kodascope. 35pgs circa 1924. Movie projector Fine (Stock number 003camman09) SOLD

EXA 1 x 1 1/2 in/24 x 36mm. How to Use the Exa. 26pg Owners Manual with foldout of camera. circa 1952. VG. (Stock number 003camman01) SOLD

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