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1901 Pan-American Exposition, Prints of Attractions

1901 Pan American Exposition, An interesting selection of prints of this World's Fair. Each is centered on a sheet 10" x 13". Image shown is 50% reduction at 72dpi - when viewed on a VGA monitor these images are 1/4 of the size they appear in real life. Each print bears the copyroght notice of the Pan-American Exposition Company. Some prints have the cost of the building or other details in blue pencil in the lower left corner of the margin.

The Exposition Seal (Shown Above) (Stock number 003wfpa1) $15.00 SOLD

Machinery and Transportation Building (Stock number 003wfpa2) $10.00 SOLD

Ethnology (Stock number 003wfpa3) $10.00 SOLD

Manufactures and Liberal Arts Building (Stock number 003wfpa4) $10.00 SOLD

The Court. Machinery and Transportation Building (Stock number 003wfpa5) $10.00 SOLD

U.S. Government Building (Stock number 003wfpa6) $10.00 SOLD

Restaurant and Entrance to the Midway. The Plaza. Propylaca and Entrance to RR Station. (Stock number 003wfpa7) $10.00 SOLD

Park Lake. (Stock number 003wfpa8) $10.00 SOLD

The Propylaea (Stock number 003wfpa9) $10.00 SOLD

The Stadium (Stock number 003wfpa10) $10.00 SOLD

A Corner of the Statium. (Stock number 003wfpa11) $10.00 SOLD

New York State Building (Stock number 003wfpa12) $10.00 SOLD

Niagara Falls (Stock number 003wfpa13) $10.00 SOLD

North Bay (Stock number 003wfpa14) $10.00 SOLD

Electric Tower (Stock number 003wfpa15) $10.00 SOLD

Temple of Music (Stock number 003wfpa16) $10.00 SOLD

The Albright Art Gallery (Stock number 003wfpa17) $10.00 SOLD

Agricultural Building (Stock number 003wfpa18) $10.00 SOLD

Forestry and Mines. Horticultural and Graphic Arts. (Stock number 003wfpa19) $10.00 SOLD

Electricity Building (Stock number 003wfpa20) $10.00 SOLD

Service Building. (Stock number 003wfpa21) $10.00 SOLD

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