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The Book of the Fair - St. Louis 1904

The Book of the Fair - St. Louis 1904 by Marshall Everett, The Great Descriptive Writer, Author and Historian. The Greatest Exposition The World Has Ever Seen. Photographed and Explained. A Panorama of the St. Louis Exposition. Illustrated with A Vast Gallery of Pictures Showing all the Fair in Photographs. P. W. Ziegler Co., Philadelphia, 1904.

This is one of the most beautiful books commemorating the ratification of the Louisiana Purchase that we have offered for sale. The embossed gold and leather and board binding is exceptional. The 496 page book is profusely illustrated with photographs. The book conveys the enormous scope of the fair while elucidating the significance of each exhibit and event. Truly a collector's gem. Slight rubbing on edges of binding and spine. (Stock number 003wf1229A) SOLD

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