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Century of Progress 1933 Lullabye Furniture Reproduction Cradle

This cradle, a souvenir of the 1933 Chicago World's Fair Century of Progress, is a reproduction of an 1842 cradle hand made by Elias Freer. The original was made from a black walnut tree on Mr. Freer's land near Joliet, Illinois. The cradle was constructed with hand wrought nails. The original was displayed by the Lullabye Furniture Corporation, Stevens Point, Wisconsin in its World's Fair exhibits. It is 20.5" long, 9" wide and 8.25" tall. The rockers are 13.5" wide. A label inside explains the background of this piece. It was given as a gift and is marked with the name of the recipient and the donors. A colorful Lullabye Furniture Corp. label is affixed to the back. Excellent condition. This unique and exceptional souvenir is a must for any Century of Progress collector. (Stock number 003wf1117A) $225.00

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