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1893 Columbian Exposition - Chase and Sanborn Trade Cards

From a series of 50 photographic trade cards issued by Chase and Sanborn Coffee illustrating the Government and State Buildings at the World's Columbian Exposition. 1893 World's Fair. The backs are identical. 4" diameter. Click on building name to preview the card.

Wisconsin State building - shown above. (Stock number 003wfchase1) $25.00

New York State Building (Stock number 003wfchase2) $25.00

Brazilian Building Tear Lower Left. (Stock number 003wfchase3) $20.00

Nebraska State Building (Stock number 003wfchase4) $25.00

Vermont State Building (Stock number 003wfchase5) $25.00

Golden Gate, Transportation Building Crease at left. (Stock number 003wfchase6) $22.00

Rhode Island State Building Nick lower left (Stock number 003wfchase7) $22.00

Palace of Horticulture Tear top left (Stock number 003wfchase8) $25.00

Virginia State Building Tear lower left (Stock number 003wfchase9) $22.00

Machinery Hall (Stock number 003wfchase4) $25.00

Massachusetts State Building (003wfchase11) $25.00

Minnesota State Building (003wfchase12) $25.00

Indiana State Building (003wfchase13) $25.00

Texas State Building (003wfchase14) $25.00

Ohio State Building (003wfchase15) $25.00

Kentucky State Building (003wfchase16) $25.00

Iowa State Building (003wfchase17) $25.00

Pennsylvania State Building (003wfchase18) $25.00

Nebraska State Building (003wfchase19) $25.00

Louisiana State Building (003wfchase20) $25.00

Art Gallery (003wfchase21) $25.00

Illinois State Building (003wfchase22) $25.00

West Virginia State Building (003wfchase23) $25.00

Florida State Building (003wfchase24) $25.00

Kansas State Building (003wfchase25) $25.00

Maryland State Building (003wfchase26) $25.00

Colorado State Building (003wfchase27) $25.00

California State Building (003wfchase28) $25.00

New Hampshire State Building (003wfchase29) $25.00

Maine State Building (003wfchase30) $25.00

Connecticut State Building (003wfchase31) $25.00

Rhode Island State Building (003wfchase32) $25.00

Daily Delivery of Seal Brand Coffee at the World's Fair (003wfchase33a) $35.00

The following are not illustrated.

United States Government Building (003wfchase34) $25.00

Mining Building (003wfchase35) $25.00

United States Fisheries Building (003wfchase36) $25.00

Electricity Building (003wfchase37) $25.00

Transportation Building (003wfchase38) $25.00

Woman's Building (003wfchase39) $25.00

Java Village (003wfchase40) $25.00 SOLD

Palace of Agriculture (003wfchase41) $25.00

Manufactures Building (003wfchase42) $25.00

Lagoon Looking North, Showing Casino (003wfchase43) $25.00

Looking West: Electricity Building left, Manufacturing Building right (003wfchase44) $25.00

Looking East: Fisheries right, Brazil left, Marine Restaurant foreground (003wfchase45) $25.00

Delaware State Building (003wfchase46) $25.00

Forestry Building (003wfchase47) $25.00

Missouri State Building (003wfchase48) $25.00

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