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Archie Glasses

The entire gang from "Archie" comics and Saturday morning cartoons appears on these multi-color promotional glasses. Each glass is 4" tall with a 2 1/2" diameter and is marked Copyright © 1971 Archie Comic Publications, Inc.

"The Archies Having a Jam Session" (Stock number 003ag10) $10.00

"Betty & Veronica Fashion Show" (Stock number 003ag11) $10.00

"Sabrina Cleans Her Room" (Stock number 003ag12 Not pictured) $10.00

"Sabrina Calls the Play" (Stock number 003ag14 Not pictured) $10.00

"Friends are for Sharing" (Stock number 003ag15 Not pictured) $10.00

"Mr. Weatherbee Drops In" (Stock number 003ag16 Not pictured) $10.00

"Jughead Wins The Pie Eating Contest" (Stock number 003ag17 Pictured at far right) $10.00

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