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Vintage Basketball Magazines

Maco Sportsman Professional Basketball - All-Star Annual 1957. Cover: Bob Cousey - Boston Celtics. Articles on 1958 All-Star Professional Squad, Eastern Division-Western Division strengths and weaknesses, Rookies. Very good- Fine. (003profbasket57) $35.00

Topical Sports Library Book - Pro Basketball - 1965 Edition. Cover: The Hawks and the 76ers. Articles on 1964-65 Roundup, Eastern Division, Western Division, College All-Stars, U.S. Olympic Basketball Team. Very good- Fine. (003probasket65) $10.00 SOLD

Fast Break - 1969 All-Pro Basketball Annual (A Popular Library Publication). Cover: Jerry West (L.A.) and Mr. Bing (Detroit). Articles on National Basketball Association Preview, American Basketball Association Preview, NBA's Most Valuatble Players. Very good- Fine. (003fastbreak69) $15.00 SOLD

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