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A Flock of Collectible Birdcages

Welsh miners' wood and metal birdcage. The canary in the cage was a simple but effective safety device. If the canary, who was very sensitive to fumes, died, the miners knew that there was a buildup of toxic fumes and they had to evacuate the mine immediately. This small classic handmade cage has two perches and two feeding holes. A wood and metal pull out drawer held the feed. There is also a metal slide out tray. The door slides up. The cage is in as found condition. Click to see cage with open door 9.5"w x 7.5"h x 4.75"d (Stock number 002bc1126a) $100.00

Rustic wooden and metal bi-level birdcage has two doors on top and one on the bottom. There is a slide out tray on the bottom along with two small feeders. A small hand carved spoon serves as a feeder on the upper level. It measures 17" x 17" x 9". Three metal bars are missing from the upper level partition and some of the bars are bent. (Stock number 002bc1007a) $100.00

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