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8mm and Super 8mm Boxing Films

On 200 foot reels unless noted. We obtained these from a New England estate and have not viewed the films but they appear to be in great shape.

Carnera-Loughran. Carnera-Baer. Baer Braddock. Super 8mm Sound. Running time 8:18 (Stock number 005bf001) $15.00 SOLD
Baer Schmeling. Carnera-Sharkey. Willard - Moran Super 8mm Subtitled Silent Running Time 8:15 (Stock number 005bf002) $15.00 SOLD
Tunney-Gibbons. Tunney Heeney. Super 8mm Sound. Running Time 8:03 (Stock number 005bf003) $15.00 SOLD
Cazoneri-Ambers. Ross-McLarnin. Super 8mm Sound. Running Time 8:24 (Stock number 005bf004) $15.00 SOLD
Dempsey-Firpo. 8mm (Stock number 005bf004a) $15.00 SOLD
Dempsey Willard. Super 8 Silent (Stock number 005bf005) $15.00 SOLD
Dempsey-Sharkey 8mm 2 200ft reels (Stock number 005bf006) $25.00 SOLD
Walker-Sharkey. Super 8 Never opened (Stock number 005bf007) $15.00 SOLD

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