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Famous Sporting Prints - Boxing

Famous Sporting Prints . VI - Boxing. London: The Studio Limited. 1930. Introduction by George Kendall plus 8 tipped in plates. The cover is worn, soiled and stained. The title page is stained by acid paper. The prints are clean and well suited for framing.. Pages are 10" x 12". Prints are approx. 8.5" x 7"(Stock number 003boxprint) $100.00

The Boxing Match Between Richard Humphrys and Daniel Mendoza at Odiham, in Hampshire on January 9th 1788. Stipple in Colours, After Einsle by Grozer.

Tom Johnson and Issax Perrins, Fought at Banbury, October 22, 1789. Colored Etching, After C. Metz by Grozer.

Cribb Beats Molineux in their Second Fight at Thistleton Gap. Rutland. September 28th, 1811. Colured Etching

The Interior of the Five's Court, With Randall and Turner Sparring. Auatint in colours. After T Blake by C. Turner

The Great Contest Between Spring & Langan Upon Worcester Racecourse,January 7th, 1824, For The Championship of England. Aquatint by J. Gleadah After J. Cklements and John Pitman.

The Great Fight Between Broome and Hannan January 26th 1841 at New Park Farm, Near Bichester.Aquatint in Colours. in Colours, After H. Heath by C. Hunt

Deaf Burke. Born Westminister Deecember 8, 1809. Aquatint in Colours, AfterH. Meyer by C. Hunt

Bendigo (Wm. Thompson). Born 1813. Champion of England Acquatint in Colours, C. Hunt.

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