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Smoker's Accessories - Ashtrays, Cigar Cutters, Cigarette Boxes

A selection of interesting accessories for the pipe and cigar smoker. Enlarged views are available for some items by clicking on the picture.

Click to see enlarged view This tabletop cigar cutter takes the shape of a ship's wheel. The cigar is placed in the vertical support, the wheel is turned, the cigar is clipped. The brass cutter sits atop a round black marble stand. There is a 1.5" chip on the bottom of the marble that is partly visible at the back of the piece. There are also a number of smaller chips on the edge of the base. Click to view base. The overall height is 5.25", the wheel is 4" tall, the base is 5.5" in diameter. (Stock number 003tb0216a) $200.00
Click to see enlarged view Mother of pearl cigar cutter fits neatly into a pocket. Merely pull up the tab, clip the cigar and tuck it away. 1.5" long. Small amount of plate loss. (Stock number 003tb0908a) $50.00
Red Bakelite Cigarette Dispenser. Holds 25 cigarettes. 3"w x 3 1/2"h x 3" deep. Marked Demley in an oval. Some tarnish on hinge. (Stock number 003t0b0831) $150.00
Frosted "icy" glass ashtray. Substantial ashtray made of frosted glass. 5" square x 2.5" high. (Stock number 002g207d) $35.00 SOLD
This Ronson table lighter in mottled green bakelite and classic deco form would be a welcome addition to any lighter collection. Marked Ronson De-Light New Yorker and several U.S. patent numbers. 2 3/4" tall, 2 1/8" diameter at base. (Stock number 003tb1123) $100.00 SOLD

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