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Cigar Band Ashtray

This is an unusually fine example of a cigar band ashtray. Creating these objects was a favorite pastime for children and adults at time when there were few entertainments. A gentleman wearing a top hat and overcoat with fur lapel marked "Hoffman House Bouquet Cigar" occupies the center of this piece. The phrase "Has Stood the Test for Years" is underneath. He is surrounded by bands from The Hilson Co. New York Hoffman House Bouquet, La Belle Creole, Prince George, and Benefactor. There is no felt backing on this ashtray. It is in very nice condition. Approximately 5.25" in diameter. (Stock number003cigash3) $55.00 SOLD

This very nicely done oval cigar ashtray in a random design is made from American and Cuban bands. The bands include: Manuel Garcia Alonso - Habana, Cabanas Carbajal, Flor Extra Fina De Pedro Roger, La Carolina Perfecto - Habana, Estabrook & Eeaton - Rockefellers, Estabrook & Eeaton - Marguerite, Concedo - Havana Cigars, Fabula, Celtibera, and Invincible. The ashtray is backed with felt. This ashtray is in outstanding condition. Approximately 7" x 4.5" (Stock number003cigash4) $45.00 SOLD

An example of a favorite arts and crafts project for cigar smokers and their children, this decorative ashtray utilizes a design made from cigar bands pasted to the back of a glass ashtray and backed with felt. The bands on this example are primarily American brands such as Muriel, Harvester, House of Windsor, La Palina, El Producto, Phillies, Robt. Burns, Dutch Masters, and White Owl. There is an image of an attractive woman in the center of the ashtray. This ashtray is in wonderful condition. Approximately 8" in diameter. (Stock number003cigash2) $50.00 SOLD

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