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Flintstone Glasses

Your favorite cartoon characters The Flintstones including Fred, Wilma, and Pebbles and their pet Dino appear on these promotional glasses. Each glass is 4.25" tall with a 2.5" diameter and is marked ©Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc. 1962 or 1964.

Not pictured:

Stock number 003fg32 - "The Flintstones - Having a Ball" (Aqua) SOLD

Stock number 003fg36 - "The Flintstones - Fred Builds a Doll Cave" (Aqua) SOLD

Stock number 003fg34 - "The Flintstones - Fred in His Sports Car" (Aqua) SOLD

Stock number 003fg35 - "The Flintstones - Fred Goes Hunting" (Pink) SOLD

Stock number 003fg37 - "The Flintstones - Fred and Barney Bowl Duck Pins" (Pink) SOLD

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