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Inkwells and Accessories


Wooden Walnut Shaped Inkwell with glass insert. 3.5" long x 1.5" high x 2" deep. Tiny crack on top visible in picture. (Stock number 003inkwell01) $100.00


Hand painted Faience Inkwell. 2.5" tall, 3" diameter across opening. 1.25" chip on inside of cover (visible above), Glaze flaked off in several spots on cover. (Stock number 003inkwell02) $100.00


Brass and Leather Inkwell with glass insert. 1.5" tall, 1.75" diameter. The black leather on this inkwell has unfortunately dried and broken off. Can be easily restored. A small release opens the inner cover. (Stock number 003inkwell03) $35.00


Wooden Pounce Shaker Used to sprinkle powder on the document to hasten the drying of the ink. Click for another view 3" tall, 2.75" diameter. Small chip on rim. (Stock number 003inkwell04) $60.00


Brass and Leather Inkwell with glass insert. 1.25" tall, 1.75" diameter. The brown leather on this inkwell has dried and pieces have broken off. The remaining leather needs to be re-glued. Can be easily restored. To open the inkwell you must push down on the spring loaded cover and rotate. (Stock number 003inkwell05) $35.00

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