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Lions Club Pins

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We are pleased to have obtained a small selection of Lions Club pins, highly prized collectibles by members of this worthwhile civic organization.

Dallas Texas Indiana Lions. 1975 (Stock number 005lcp001) $10.00

Convencso Internacional Dallas Texas USA 1975. Brazil (Stock number 005lcp002) $10.00

Pennsylvannia Golden Anniversry. 1971 (Stock number 005lcp003) $10.00

Wisconsin (Stock number 005lcp004) $10.00

First in Sight/In Light. Ohio 13 (Stock number 005lcp005) $10.00

Michigan The President's State (Stock number 005lcp006) SOLD

Mississippi Lions. Dallas 1975 (Stock number 005lcp007) $10.00

Pennsylvania Lions 1966 (Stock number 005lcp008) SOLD

Pennsylvania Lions 1965 (Stock number 005lcp009) SOLD

Pennsylvania Lions 1976 (Stock number 005lcp010) $10.00

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