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Milk Bottles


One quart Pine Ridge Farm (Lowell, Mass.) Click to see rear 9.5" tall, maroon. (Stock number 005mb03) $20.00

One quart Diamond Milk Dairy Farms - For Mothers who Care! Click to see rear 8.5" tall, orange. (Stock number 005mb04) $20.00 SOLD

One quart H. P. Hood & Sons. (Boston, Mass.) Click to see bottle 9" tall, orange. (Stock number 005mb20) $15.00

One quart Farmers' Co-operative Inc. (Hartford, Conn.) Click to see bottle 9.5" tall, maroon. (Stock number 005mb07) $15.00

One quart Sunlite Milk Co. (Fall River, Mass) Click to see bottle 8.5" tall, orange. Large chip on rim. (Stock number 005mb09) $20.00

Half pint Marsh's Dairy. Click to see bottle 5" tall, faded letters. (Stock number 005mb10) $15.00

6.75 fluid oz. bottle Bireleys (Embossed and textured) Click to see bottle 5" tall. (Stock number 005mb11) $20.00

Saratoga Dairy (Saratoga, N.Y.) One quart embossed. Click to see bottle 9.5" tall. (Stock number 005mb15) $15.00

Borden's Elsie (Red pyro) Half pint school lunch bottle featuring Elsie the Cow. Click to see bottle 4.25" tall. (Stock number 005mb17) $35.00

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