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Original Milk Bottle Caps

We have located several sleeves of milk bottle caps from New York and Massachusetts dairies as well as some generic caps. All caps are set in holders. The inserts measure 1.5" in diameter, the entire cap 2.25" in diameter. The sleeve is approximately 22" long. Each sleeve $25.00

005milkcap17 | 005milkcap18

Vanderzicht Dairy Pasteurized Skimmed Milk - Whitinsville, Mass. (Stock number 005milkcap17)

Grand View Farm Milk Pasteurized Homogenized - Uxbridge (Mass.) (Stock number 005milkcap18) SOLD

005milkcap19 | 005milkcap20

People's Dairy - Lake Placid, N. Y. Homogenized Pasteurized Milk Phone 532-3662 (Stock number 005milkcap19)

Cook's Farm Pasteurized Homogenized Milk Charlton, Mass. 01507 (Stock number 005milkcap20)

005milkcap13 | 005milkcap15

Pasteurized Chocolate Milk (Stock number 005milkcap13)

Skim Milk Pasteurized (Stock number 005milkcap15)

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