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Genuine Moneybags for Your Affluent Friends

We don't really believe it but we have acquired a collection of canvas moneybags. Each is clean and intact.

Bay Bank (Stock Number 005mb001) $10.00

Connecticut Bank and Trust Co. (Stock Number 005mb002) $10.00

Connecticut National Bank. (Stock Number 005mb002) $10.00

Federal Reserve Bank. Boston MA (Stock Number 005mb004) $10.00

First NH Merchants National Bank (Stock Number 005mb005) $10.00 Slightly stained

New York City Transit Authority . (Stock Number 005mb006) $15.00

Republic National Bank of New York (Stock Number 005mb007) $10.00

US Mint. Cents $50.00 (Stock Number 005mb008) $10.00

US Mint. Nickels $200 (Stock Number 005mb009) $10.00

US Mint. Quarters $1,000 (Stock Number 005mb010) $10.00

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