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Paris Exposition, 1867 - Reports of the U.S. Commissioners

Paris Universal Exposition, 1867 - Reports of the United States Commissioners

Comprehensive five volume set - Washington: Government Printing Office, 1869, 1870.

Half calf, many charts, diagrams and plates.

Volume 1 - Introduction with Selections from the Correspondence of Commissioner Geneeral Beckwith and Others, showing the Organization and Administration of the United States Section.

Volume 2 - Machinery and Processes of The Industrial Arts, and Apparatus of The Exact Sciences by Frederick A. P. Barnard.

Volume 3 - Extracts from the Report of the International Committee on Weights, Measures, and Coins, with a Notice of the Use of the Metric System in the United States and its Relations to other Systems of Weights and Measures.

Volume 4 - Report on Cereals. The Quantities of Cereals Produced in Different Countries Compared by Samuel B. Ruggles. The Quality and Characteristics of the Cereals Exhibited by George S. Hazard.

Volume 5 - Report upon Cotton, by E. R. Mudge with a Supplemental Report by B. F. Nourse.

(Stock number 003wfParisExpo) $150.00

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