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R29- Reedy Gum Century of Progress Cards

These sepia cards were issued by the Reedy Gum Company (not shown) to commermorate the Century of Progress World's Fair in Chicago in 1933. They are extremely scarce.

123r29-1 | 123r29-2

Carillon Tower, Hall of Science (Stock number 123r29-1) $100.00 SOLD

Entrance to the Electrical Building (Stock number 123r29-2) $100.00 SOLD

123r29-3 | 123r29-4

Entrance - Electrical Building (Stock number 123r29-3) $100.00 SOLD

The Chinese Lana Temple. Replica of the Potala of Jehol (Stock number 123r29-4) $100.00 SOLD

123r29-5 | 123r29-6

Chicago Administration Bldg. Taken from steps of the Field Museum (Stock number 123r29-5) $100.00 SOLD

East View Administration Building (Stock number 123r29-6) $100.00 SOLD

123r29-7 | 123r29-8

Electrical Building (Stock number 123r29-7) $100.00 SOLD

Electrical Building (Stock number 123r29-8) $100.00 SOLD

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