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Portable and Transistor Radios

The radios listed here are all electrically complete and the case is undamaged unless noted. We do not test radios. However the occasional radio may reach us with batteries intact and we will turn it on - hence the occasional statement "working".

Bulova 730. Ivory. (Stock number 005rad002) $35.00

Hitachi Transistor-8. TH-848 Black front and beige body with leather(?) case. Upper right font window dial with right side wheel tuning. Lower right front volume window with right side thumbwheel knob, large front grill area with lower left tone switch. Working. (Stock number 005rad004) $20.00

RCA Victor B411. Tube Radio.. 1951 plastic radio, center front round dial knob. Lower grill area, top left thumbwheel knob, handle. Brown. (Stock number 005rad005) $30.00

RCA Victor 3-BX-53. Green plastic. Works (Stock number 005rad006) $25.00

RCA 9 Transistor RGM29E. Black front. (Stock number 005rad007) $10.00

Realistic 10. Transistors plus TRF. 95L-020. upper right front dial with right side thumbwheel tuning. Left thumbwheel on/off/volume knob. Leather. Made in Japan (Stock number 005rad008) $20.00

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