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Table Radios

The radios listed here are all electrically complete and the case is undamaged unless noted. We do not usually test radios. However the occasional radio may be in operation in the home we have purchased it in - hence the occasional statement "working".

Admiral Clock Radio Model 251 Chassis 4M2. Black. (Stock number 005rad101) $10.00

Admiral Clock Radio Model 5J21N. Black plastic. AC/DC (Stock number 005rad102) $20.00

General Electric Model 416. Marron plastic (Stock number 005rad104) $20.00

Philco Model #B578 Transitone Multiwave. Green. (Stock number 005rad105) $25.00

RCA Victor Model 15X. Brown. (Stock number 005rad106) $30.00

RCA Victor Model X-551. 1951 Black (Stock number 005rad107) SOLD

RCA Victor Model 3-X-534. Light brown. (Stock number 005rad108) $10.00

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