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October 1954 Cover: Al Rosen. Articles: Rosen, Willie Mays, Buddy Parker, Joey Giardello, Paul Larson, Mickey McDermott, Babe Ruth. Cover creased and nicked, spine partially split. Good-Very good. (003Sport5410) $10.00

April 1954 Cover: Bob Turley, Joe Norris, Ralph Kiner, Maurice Richard. Articles: Kiner, Floyd Patterson, Dusty Rhodes, Jim Norris, Bob Turley. Cover torn, mostly detached, folds and nicks. Good. (003Sport5504) $12.00

May 1955 Cover: Bobby Thompson. Articles: Basilio, Walter Alston, Jack Hasrsman, Vince Martinez, Ray Jablonski. Cover creased and nicked, spine partially split. Good-Very good. (003Sport5505) $12.00

July 1955 Cover: Ned Garver. Articles: Minoso, Barbara Romack, Paddy Young, Cleveland Indians. Cover creased, spine partially split, cover creases and nicks. Good-Very good. (003Sport5507) $10.00

August 1955 Cover: Paul Richards. Articles: Pancho Gonzales, Herb Score, Joe Adcock, Don Newcombe, Kansas City Athletics, Al Kaline, Sammy White. Cover creased, partially detached, tears and nicks. Good-Very good. (003Sport5508) $12.00

September 1955 Cover: Duke Snider. Articles: Beau Jack, Jim Hegan, Rogers Hornsby, Curt Simmons, Vin Scully, Snider. Cover creased, spine rubbed. Very good. (003Sport5509) $15.00

October 1955 Cover: Yogi Berra. Articles: Jim Rivera, Don Holleder, Pete Reiser, St. Louis Cardinals, Archie Moore. Cover creased, spine rubbed. Very good. (003Sport5510) $20.00 SOLD

November 1955 Cover: Eddie Erdelatz, Johnny Podres, Carmen Basilio, Whitey Rouviere (U. of Miami). Articles: Otto Graham, Basilio, Lefty O'Doul, Ronnie Knox, University of Miami, Tommy Loughran. Cover creased and soiled, spine rubbed. Good-Very good. (003Sport5511) $10.00

February 1958 Cover: Carmen Basilio. Articles: Basilio, Terry Sawchuck, Robin Roberts, Bob Pettit, Elgin Baylor, Jackie Pung, Ted Kluszewski, Stan Musial. Cover creased and soiled, spine rubbed. Good-Very good. (003Sport5802) $12.00

March 1958 Cover: Lew Burdette. Articles: Burdette, Ted Williams, Bob Gutowski, Bob Pettit, Murray Rose, Dick Mayer, Althea Gibson, Willie Hartack, John Crow, Wilt Chamberlain, Jimmy Brown, Gordie Howe, Carmen Basilio. Cover creased and soiled, spine splitting. Good-Very good. (003Sport5803) $10.00

April 1958 Cover: Nellie Fox. Articles: Joe Louis, Spring Training, Harvey Kuenn, Bruins, Billy Joe Patton, Karen Hantze, Nellie Fox. Cover creased, torn, spine splitting. Good-Very good. (003Sport5804) $12.00 SOLD

May 1958 Cover: Yogi Berra. Articles: Joe Louis, Larry Doby, Cincinnati Reds, Bear Bryant, Wes Covington. Cover soiled and foxed. Very good. (003Sport5805) $15.00 SOLD

July 1958 Cover: Duke Snider, Hot Rod Rodriguez, Ray Moore, Ken Venturi. Articles: Dodgers, Indians, White Sox, Alvin Dark. Cover soiled, spine slightly split. Very good. (003Sport5807) $10.00

August 1958 Cover: Billy Martin. Articles: Sugar Ray Robinson, Enos Slaughter, Frank Leahy, "Minnie" Minoso, Ernie Russell, Mike Green, Kluszewski, Billy Martin. Cover soiled, spine slightly split. Very good. (003Sport5808) $12.00 SOLD

September 1958 Cover: Ed Mathews, Pancho Gonzales, Roy Campanella, Carmen Basilio. Articles: Roy Campanella, Jackie Jensen, Joe Brown, Bob Cousy, Thorpe, Lou Gehrig, Ed Mathews. Cover soiled. Very good. (003Sport5809) $15.00

October 1958 Cover: Bob Turley, Hank Aaron, Sammy Snead, Bob Reifsnyder (Navy). Articles: Jim Thorpe, Dick Bass, Orlando Cepeda, Virgil Akins, Bill Mazeroski. Spine partially split, cover tear. Good-Very good. (003Sport5810) $12.00

December 1958 Cover: John Unitas, Willie Mays, Tommy Bolt, St. Louis Hawks player. Articles on San Francisco Giants, Ohip State, the Hawks, Otto Graham. Very good. (003Sport5812) $13.00

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