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U.S. Bicentennial Medals - The States

It's hard to believe that more than twenty-five years have passed since we celebrated the two-hundredth birthday of the nation. We recently purchased a collection of bicentennial medals from an estate that was being liquidated. We offer them as we have found them, in neat little plastic cases. We have only a single example of most of these.

Arkansas. Cotton, pine needles and a wagon wheel on the front, State seal on the reverse $10.00 (Stock number 003bicentAR)

Connecticut. Pilgrim writing the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut on front. State seal on rear. $10.00 (Stock number 003bicentCT)

Delaware. Rodney Rides for Independence on front. State seal on reverse. $10.00 (Stock number 003bicentDE)

Florida 1974 Governor's Medal $10.00 (Stock number 003bicentFL1)

Florida 1975 Governor's Medal; $10.00 (Stock number 003bicentFL2)

Illinois. Iliniwek on face. Kaskaskia State Capital on Reverse $10.00 (Stock number 003bicentIL)

Indiana. Portrait on front. State seal on reverse. $10.00 (Stock number 003bicentIN)

Maryland. Knight on Horseback. State Seal on Reverse $10.00 (Stock number 003bicentMD) SOLD

Minnesota. Native American in canoe, peace pipe, fish, duck, on front. Hunter, farmer, mother with child on reverse $10.00 (Stock number 003bicentMN)

Montana. So remember... Only The Land Endures. Grandfather speaking to children Farm tools on reverse. $10.00 (Stock number 003bicentMT)

Nebraska. Indian chief and covered wagon on front. The Sower on reverse $10.00 (Stock number 003bicentNE)

Nevada. mining pan, pick, shovel, wagon train on front. Centennial seal on reverse. $10.00 (Stock number 003bicentNV)

New Jersey. Revolutions Crossroads. Great seal on reverse $10.00 (Stock number 003bicentNJ)

New Mexico. A Cultural Mosaic. Indian pot, pick and conquistador's helmet on reverse. $10.00 (Stock number 003bicentNM)

North Dakota. Farm couple and Indian on face. Great Seal on Reverse. $10.00 (Stock number 003bicentND)

Oregon. State Seal. $10.00 (Stock number 003bicentOR)

Utah. Faith in God and Country. State Seal on Reverse. $10.00 (Stock number 003bicentUT)

Virginia. Victory over oppressor on front. Cradle of Liberty, Mother of Presidents on reverse. $10.00 (Stock number 003bicentVA)

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