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1876 Centennial Exhibition Color Lithographic Views.

We are offering a wonderful selection of lithographic color prints depicting buildings at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia in 1876. The cards were probably printed in Germany. The Exposition celebrated 100 years since the Declaration of Independence was signed. All of the states that were in the United States in 1876 plus territories, foreign countries and industrial and agricultural organizations erected buildings to publicize their accomplishments and uniqueness. The states touted their attractions as well as their contributions to the progress of the nation. The buildings were a fascinating collection of regional architectural styles and made heavy use of local materials. The cards measure 6.25" w. x 4.25" high. They are in very nice condition although some are lightly soiled and the edges and corners are slightly rubbed. These prints are $20.00 each. Click on link to see image.

Main Exhibition Building (Stock Number 003wfpcent1)

Interior of Machinery Hall (Stock Number 003wfpcent2)

U. S. Exhibition Building (Stock Number 003wfpcent3)

German Government Building (Stock Number 003wfpcent4)

Japanese Dwelling (Stock Number 003wfpcent5)

Massachusett State Building (Stock Number 003wfpcent6)

Massachusetts State Building (Stock Number 003wfpcent26)

Michigan State Building (Stock Number 003wfpcent7)

New Hampshire State Building (Stock Number 003wfpcent8)

Women's Pavilion (Stock Number 003wfpcent9)

Machinery Hall (Stock Number 003wfpcent10)

Agricultural Building (Stock Number 003wfpcent11)

Art Gallery (Stock Number 003wfpcent12)

Pennsylvania State Building (Stock Number 003wfpcent13)

Colorado and Kansas State Building (Stock Number 003wfpcent14)

Illinois State Building (Stock Number 003wfpcent15)

Connecticut State Building (Stock Number 003wfpcent16)

Connecticut State Building (Stock Number 003wfpcent25)

Delaware State Building (Stock Number 003wfpcent17)

Indiana State Building (Stock Number 003wfpcent18)

English Government Building (Stock Number 003wfpcent19)

English Government Building (Stock Number 003wfpcent28)

Ohio State Building (Stock Number 003wfpcent20)

New York State Building (Stock Number 003wfpcent21)

New Jersey State Building (Stock Number 003wfpcent22)

Arkansa State Building (Stock Number 003wfpcent23)

Horticultural Hall (Stock Number 003wfpcent24)

The Spanish Building (Stock Number 003wfpcent27)

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