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World's Fair Collectibles Reference Book & Price Guide -Chicago '33 & NYWF '39

World's Fair Collectibles with Price Guide by Howard M. Rossen. Published in 1998. 160 page paperback.

"The hardships of the Depression Era were eased by the excitement of two great events - 1933 Chicago World's Fair (A Century of Progress) and the 1939 New York World's Fair (The World of Tomorrow). They gave visitors an opportunity to forget the hardtimes of the '30s and enjoy the myriad of events presented at these spectacular celebrations. From the Midway with its many attractions and amusements to the impressive displays in art, industry and science, visitors could travel though a world of wondrous sites and sounds.
Through this descriptive and colorful book you will experience for yourself the excitement of these two landmark World's Fairs. ... Over 300 beautiful color photographs..."

Stock number 3434 $29.95 plus $4.00 Shipping/handling in the US. Overseas delivery available, email for quote.

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