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1953 Baseball Team Emblem - Bike / Auto Attachments

Another interesting find. We have found these plastic baseball team emblems on their original cards. We believe these we prepared in 1952 for the 1953 baseball season. They are copyright 1952 by C. McDonald Mfg. Co. No. Wilbraham, MA. The cards show some damage and a tack hole at the top of each cards. The emblems themselves are in fine condition. The cards measure about 5.25" square. The emblems vary but are about 4.5"tall.

Philadelphia Athletics (Stock number 003bbemb01) $25.00

Milwaukee Braves (Stock number 003bbemb02) $25.00

St. Louis Browns (Stock number 003bbemb03) $25.00

St. Louis Cardinals (Stock number 003bbemb04) $25.00

Chicago Cubs (Stock number 003bbemb05) $25.00

Brooklyn Dodgers (Stock number 003bbemb06) $35.00 SOLD

New York Giants (Stock number 003bbemb07) $35.00

Cleveland Indians (Stock number 003bbemb08) $35.00

Philadelphia Phillies (Stock number 003bbemb09) $25.00

Pittsburgh Pirates (Stock number 003bbemb10) $35.00

Cincinnati Reds (Stock number 003bbemb11) $25.00

Boston Red Sox (Stock number 003bbemb12) $25.00 SOLD

Washington Senators (Stock number 003bbemb13) $35.00

Detroit Tigers (Stock number 003bbemb14) $25.00

Chicago White Sox (Stock number 003bbemb15) $25.00

New York Yankees (Stock number 003bbemb16) $25.00 SOLD

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