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BF3 1936-37 Miniature Baseball Pennants

An obscure baseball collectible, it is not known just who issued these miniature baseball pennants, but it is believed they were a candy or gum premium.

Dizzy Dean St. Louis Cardinals (Stock number 003BF3-4) $40.00

Chicago White Sox (Stock number 003BF3-8) $25.00

Chicago Cubs (Stock number 003BF3-3) SOLD

St. Louis Cardinals (Stock number 003BF3-1) SOLD

Billy Herman Batting Chicago Cubs (Stock number 003BF3-2) SOLD

Joe Cronin. Boston Red Sox. (Stock number 003BF3-5) SOLD

Lon Warneke St Louis Cardinals (Stock number 003BF3-6) SOLD

Washington Senators (Stock number 003BF3-7) SOLD

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