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1910 P2 Sweet Caporal Baseball Pins

The American Tobacco Company issued a series of baseball pins between 1910 and 1912. The sepia colored pins were 7/8" in diameter and were distributed under the Sweet Caporal brand. The set includes 152 different major league players, but because of numerous large letter variations, collectors usually consider a set complete at 204 pins. The Sweet Caporal pins are closely related to T205 Gold Border Baseball cards. All but nine of the players in this set were also pictured on the T205 cards.

Residents of MA must add 5% Sales Tax.

Red Ames - New York Giants. EX (Stock number 003P2Ames) SOLD

Jimmy Archer - Chicago Cubs. EX (Stock number 003P2Archer) SOLD

Jimmy Austin - St. Louis Browns. EX (Stock number 003P2Austin) SOLD

Cy Barger - Brooklyn Superbas. EX (Stock number 003P2Barger) SOLD

Neal Ball - Cleveland Naps. EX (Stock number 003P2Ball) SOLD

Jack Barry - Phila Athletics. EX (Stock number 003P2Barry) $25.00

Fred Beebe - Cincinnati Reds. EX (Stock number 003P2Beebe) SOLD

George Bell - Brooklyn Superbas. EX (Stock number 003P2Bell) SOLD

Bill Bergen - Brooklyn Superbas. EX (Stock number 003P2Bergen) $25.00

Al Bridwell - New York Giants. EX (Stock number 003P2Bridwell) SOLD

Mordecai Brown - Chicago Cubs. VG (Stock number 003P2Brown) SOLD

Howie Camnitz - Pittsburgh Pirates. EX (Stock number 003P2Camnitz) SOLD

Frank Chance - Chicago Cubs EX (Stock number 003P2Chance) SOLD

Ty Cobb - Detroit Tigers. VG (Stock number 003P2Cobb) SOLD

Bill Dahlen - Brooklyn Superbas. EX (Stock number 003P2Dahlen) SOLD

Jim Delahanty - Detroit Tigers. EX (Stock number 003P2Delahanty) SOLD

Josh Devore - New York Giants. EX (Stock number 003P2Devore) SOLD

Mickey Doolan - Phila. Phillies. EX (Stock number 003P2Doolan) SOLD

Red Dooin - Phila Phillies. EX (Stock number 003P2Dooin) SOLD

Steve Evans - St. Louis Cardinals EX (Stock number 003P2Evans) SOLD

Art Fromme - Cincinnati Reds. EX (Stock number 003P2Fromme) $25.00

Harry Gaspar - Cincinatti Reds. EX (Stock number 003P2Gaspar) SOLD

Topsy Hartsel - Phila Phillies. EX (Stock number 003P2Hartsel) SOLD

Jack Knight - New York Yankees. EX (Stock number 003P2Knight1) SOLD

Jack Knight - New York Yankees. EX (Stock number 003P2Knight2) SOLD

Ed Konetchy - St. Louis Cardinals. EX (Stock number 003P2Konetchy) SOLD

Arlie Lathan - New York Giants VG (Stock number 003P2Latham) SOLD

Lefty Leifield - Pittsburgh Priates. EX (Stock number 003P2Leifield) SOLD

Paddy Livingston - Phila Athletics. EX (Stock number 003P2Living) SOLD

Sherry Magee- Phila Phillies. EX (Stock number 003P2Magee) SOLD

George McBride - Washington Senators. EX (Stock number 003P2McBride) SOLD

Matty McIntyre- Chicago White Sox VG Picture off center (Stock number 003P2McIntyre) $25.00

Harry McIntire - Chicago Cubs VG-EX (Stock number 003P2McIntire) SOLD

Pat Moran Phila Phillies VG (Stock number 003P2Moran) SOLD

George Mullen - Detroit Tigers VG (Stock number 003P2Mullen) $15.00 SOLD

Danny Murphy - Phila Athletics EX (Stock number 003P2Murphy) SOLD

Rebel Oakes - St. Louis Cardinals. EX (Stock number 003P2Oakes) SOLD

Rube Oldring - Phila. Athletics. EX (Stock number 003P2Oldring) SOLD

Barney Pelty - St. Louis Browns. EX (Stock number 003P2Pelty) SOLD

Jack Rowan - Phila Phillies. EX (Stock number 003P2Rowwan) SOLD

Doc Scanlon - Brooklyn Superbas EX (Stock number 003P2Scanlon) SOLD

Hap Smith - Brooklyn Superbas EX (Stock number 003P2Smith) SOLD

George Stoval - Cleveland Naps EX (Stock number 003P2Stovall) SOLD

Joe Tinker - Chicago Cubs. EX (Stock number 003P2Tinker) SOLD

Terry Turner - Cleveland Naps. EX (Stock number 003P2Turner) SOLD

Doc White - Chicago White Sox EX (Stock number 003P2White) SOLD

Hooks Wiltse - New York Giants. EX (Stock number 003P2Wiltse) SOLD

Harry Wolter - New York Yankees EX (Stock number 003P2Wolter) SOLD

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