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T204 1909 Ramly Baseball Tobacco Cards

Issued by the American Tobacco Company in 1909. These early baseball cards measure 2" x 2 1/2" and were issued by Ramly Turkish Cigarettes and TTT. There are 121 cards known in this set and they are considered Rare. Images are direct scans of the cards. The find represented on this page reflects more Ramly cards than we have seen in the past five years, and a remarkable collecting opportunity.

Whitey Alperman. Brooklyn N.L. Creases, soil, soft corners. (Stock number 003t20402) $40.00 SOLD

John Anderson. Chicago American/. Creases, soil, soft corners. Damage on shoulder at right. (Stock number 003t20403) $40.00 SOLD

Fred Beebe. St. Louis N.L. Minor corner wear. (Stock number 003t20404) $300.00 SOLD

George Bell. Brooklyn N.L. Creases, soft corners. (Stock number 003t20405) $70.00 SOLD

Al Bridwell. New York, N.L.. Creases, soft corners. Damage on shoulder at right. (Stock number 003t20406) $90.00 SOLD

Ed Cicolte (Cicotte). Boston A.L. . Minor corner wear. (Stock number 003t20407) $320.00 SOLD

Jimmy Collins. Minneapolis AA Manager. Creases, tobacco staining soft corners. (Stock number 003t20408) $400.00 SOLD

Ed Collins. Athletics A.L.. Creases, rubbing, soft corners. (Stock number 003t20409) $450.00 SOLD

Jack Coombs. Athletics A.L. . Minor corner & edge wear. (Stock number 003t20410) $150.00 SOLD

Lou Criger. St. Louis A.L. . Creases, soft corners. (Stock number 003t20411) $70.00 SOLD

Harry Davis. Athletics A.L.. Minor corner and edge wear wear. (Stock number 003t20412) $150.00 SOLD

Wild Bill Donovan. Detroit A.L. . Minor corner & edge wear. (Stock number 003t20413) $150.00 SOLD

Kid Elberfield (Elberfeld). New York A.L. . Paper loss, soft corners. (Stock number 003t20414) $65.00 SOLD

Johnny Evers. Chicago N.L.. Creases, soil, rubbing. . (Stock number 003t20415) $350.00 SOLD

Geo. Howard Chicago N.L. . Minor corner & edge wear. (Stock number 003t20416) $150.00 SOLD

Miller Huggins. Cincinnati N.L. . Creases, rubbed soft corners. (Stock number 003t20417) $350.00 SOLD

John Hummell (Hummel) . Brooklyn N.L. .. Crease. Soft corners. (Stock number 003t20418) $70.00 SOLD

Thos. Jones. St. Louis A.L. . Minor corner & edge wear. (Stock number 003t20419) $150.00 SOLD

Wee Willie Keeler. New York A.L. . . Creaselower right corner. Minor edge and corner wear. . (Stock number 003t20420) $750.00 SOLD

Red Kleinon (Kleinow). New York. A.L.. .. Creases. Rubbed. Soft corners. (Stock number 003t20421) $70.00 SOLD

Harry Lumley. Brooklyn, N.L. . Minor corner & edge wear. (Stock number 003t20422) $150.00 SOLD

Jimmy McAleer. Manager, St. Louis A.L. . . Edge creases, soft corners. . (Stock number 003t20423) $80.00 SOLD

Larry McClear. Cincinatti N.L..Rubbed. (Stock number 003t20424) $70.00 SOLD

Cy Morgan. Boston A.L. Minor corner & edge wear. (Stock number 003t20425) $150.00 SOLD

Danny Murphy. Athletics A.L. . .Coin impressions, Soil, soft corners. . (Stock number 003t20426) $70.00 SOLD

Simon Nichols (Nicholls). Athletics A.L..Minor corner and edge wear, Stain at left center. (Stock number 003t20427) $105.00 SOLD

Tom Reilly. St. Louis N.L. . Minor corner & edge wear. (Stock number 003t20428) $150.00 SOLD

Nap Rucker. Brooklyn N.L. . . .Minor edge and corner wears. . (Stock number 003t20429) $150.00 SOLD

Ed Ruelback (Reulbach). Chicag N.L...Stained and damaged. (Stock number 003t20430) $45.00 SOLD

Slim Sallee. St. Louis N.L. . Minor corner & edge wear. (Stock number 003t20431) $150.00 SOLD

Bob Unclane (Ungaub). Washington A.L. Tobacco stained .Minor edge and corner wears. . (Stock number 003t20432) $95.00 SOLD

Bobby Wallace. St. Louis A.L. ...Soiled. rubbed. (Stock number 003t20433) $300.00 SOLD

Cliff Blankenship. Washington A.L. Direct scan of card above. (Stock number 003t20401) $110.00 SOLD

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