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T206 1911 White Border Baseball Tobacco Cards

Issued by the American Tobacco Company in 1911. These early baseball cards measure 1 1/2" x 2 5/8" and were issued by many companies including American Beauty,Broad Leaf, Carolina Brights, Cycle, Drum, El Principe de Gales, Hindu, Lenox, Old Mill. Piedmont, Polar Bear, Sovereign. Sweet Caporal, Tolstoi, Ty Cobb and Uzit. Cards are pictured in approximately actual size on a standard VGA monitor. Please be careful to study the images to avoid disappointment with condition. Minumum order from this page is $25.00

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Bridwell. N.Y. Nat'l Piedmont Back.With cap..Soft Corners. Some soil on back. (Stock number 003t20695) $50.00

Doyle. N.Y. Nat'l Piedmont Back. Throwing. Soft Corners. Crease lower right corner. (Stock number 003t20696) $50.00

McCormick N.Y. Nat'l Piedmont Back. Soft Corners. Light soil (Stock number 003t20697) $50.00

Murray. N.Y. Nat'l . Piedmont Back.Portrait. Soft corners. Edge wear. (Stock number 003t20698) $50.00

Wiltse. N.Y. Nat'l . Piedmont Back. Portrait with cap. .Soft Corners. Rub mark upper right.Samll crease top center (Stock number 003t20699) $45.00

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Lindaman. Boston National. Piedmont Back..Soft Corners. . (Stock number 003t206A6) $37.00

Tinker. Chicago National. . Piedmont Back. Soft Corners. Edge wear. Crease upper left (Stock number 003t206A7) $145.00

Chance. Chicago National. Sweet Caporal Back. Creases. (Stock number 003t206A8) $120.00

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Burke. Indianapolis. Sweet Caporal Back..Soft Corners. Crease upper right . (Stock number 003t206A1) $30.00

Davidson. Indianapolis. Piedmont Back. Soft Corners. Edge wear. (Stock number 003t206A2) $45.00

Phelan. Providence Piedmont Back. Crease lower left (Stock number 003t206A3) $40.00

Sharpe. Newark. Piedmont Back. (Stock number 003t206A4) $52.00

Shaw. Providence Piedmont Back. Portrait.Soft Corners. Light soil (Stock number 003t206A5) $65.00

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Jennings. Detroit. Piedmont Back.One hand showing/.Soft Corners. Some soil. Paper loss on back. (Stock number 003t20688) $150.00

O'Leary. Detroit. Piedmont Back. Soft Corners. Small crease upper right corner. (Stock number 003t20689) $40.00 SOLD

Mullen. Detroit. Piedmont Back. Stain lower right (Stock number 003t20690) $40.00 SOLD

Stanage. Detroit. Piedmont Back. (Stock number 003t20691) $50.00 SOLD

Killian. Detroit. Piedmont Back. Portrait.Soft Corners. (Stock number 003t20692) $65.00 SOLD

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Jones. Detroit. Piedmont Back. .Soft Corners. (Stock number 003t20693) $55.00 SOLD

Crawford. Detroit. Piedmont Back. Soft Corners. . (Stock number 003t20694) $200.00

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George Bell (Hands Above Head). Brooklyn National Sweet Caporal Back. Minor Tobacco staining. Soft corners. (Stock number 003t20642) $60.00

Happy Smith. Brooklyn National Sweet Caporal Back. Fold uper left corner. Soft corners. (Stock number 003t20644) $35.00 SOLD

Whitey Alperman. Brooklyn National Sweet Caporal Back. Off center. Folds Soft corners. (Stock number 003t20645) $40.00 SOLD

Prior McElveen. Brooklyn National Piedmont Back. Tobcco stained. Soft corners. (Stock number 003t20646) $50.00 SOLD

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