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T3 1911 Turkey Red Baseball Tobacco Premiums

Issued by the American Tobacco Company in 1911. These early baseball card premiums measure 5 3/4" x 8" and were issued in exchange for 25 coupons from Old Mill or Fez Cigarettes or 10 coupons from Turkey Red cigarettes.. There are 131 cards known in this set. These are the only tobacco cabinet card sets that many baseball collectors can afford. Images are direct scans of the cards. Two different styles of back exist, a check list back and a Turkey Red Advertising back. Cards above 75 in the series have the Turkey Red Back and are scarcer and more valuable.

Click to view 1:1 72dpi image

Ira Thomas. Phila. Amer. Minor surface creases. Small stain near left margin. Tack holes.. (Stock number 003t3-2) SOLD

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Boss Schmidt. Detroit. Tack holes. (Stock number 003t3-1) SOLD

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Ed Konetchy. St. Louis National. Tack holes.. (Stock number 003t3-3) SOLD

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