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1980 Moscow Olympic Pins

A small collection of souvenir Pins from the 1980 Moscow Olympics featuring Misha the Bear. For the American athletes these were the Games that were not to be because of the United States boycott. The pins did manage to find their way back to the U.S. Many of them are bear shaped or feature Misha. All are in Fine to Very Fine Condition. Images are not to scale.

003op065 | 003op066 | 003op067 | 003op068 | 003op069 | 003op070 | 003op071 | 003op072

Misha the Bear/Red suit 1"h (Stock number 003op065) $15.00

Misha the Bear/Blue suit 1"h (Stock number 003op066) $15.00

Misha the Bear/Multicolored suit 1"h (Stock number 003op067) $15.00

Misha the Bear/Green suit 1"h (Stock number 003op068) $15.00

Misha the Bear/Multicolored belt suit 1"h (Stock number 003op069) $15.00

Misha the Bear/Brown suit 1"h (Stock number 003op070) $15.00

Misha the Bear/Yellow suit 1"h (Stock number 003op071) $15.00

Misha the Bear/Red suit/light brown bear 1"h (Stock number 003op072) $15.00

003op073 | 003op074 | 003op075 | 003op076

Misha the Bear/Gold tone - large 1.5"h (Stock number 003op073) $15.00

Misha the Bear/Gold tone - medium 1.25"h (Stock number 003op074) $15.00

Misha the Bear/Gold tone - small 1"h (Stock number 003op075) $15.00

Misha the Bear/Gold tone - tiny .75"h (Stock number 003op076) $15.00

003OP040 | 003op041 | 003op042

Misha image on silver rectangle 1.25" h (Stock number 003op040) $15.00

Misha image on gold rectangle 1.5" h (Stock number 003op041) $15.00

Misha image on silver rectangle 1.5" h (Stock number 003op042) $15.00

003op045 | 003op047 | 003op050 | 003op052

Misha on round blue background 2" dia. (Stock number 003op045) $15.00

Olympic tower on red with glass cover 1.75" h (Stock number 003op047) $15.00

Multicolored Misha on blue & green enamel square 1" (Stock number 003op050) $15.00

Olympic rings on gold 1.25"h (Stock number 003op052) $15.00

003op53 | 003op054 | 003op056

Multicolored enamel on silver colored hexagon with Olympic tower. 1.25"h (Stock number 003op053) $15.00

Olympic tower on red enamel .75"h (Stock number 003op054) $15.00

Misha in brown on gold background 1.75"h (Stock number 003op056) $15.00

003op060 | 003op062 | 003op063

Misha on multicolored shield 1.25"h (Stock number 003op060) SOLD

Small round/Olympic tower on red enamel .75" dia. (Stock number 003op062) SOLD

Olympic tower on red enamel 1" (Stock number 003op063) SOLD

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