1984 Olympic Pins

A Small Collection of 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Pins in Near Mint to Mint Condition. We only have one of most of these pins. Click on links to see pictures (slighty enlarged). Images are not to scale.

Buzzard on Helicopter Holding Torch (003op001) $8.00 SOLD

Canadian Mapleleaf (003op002) $10.00 SOLD

LA 84 field hockey pin (003op014) $5.00 SOLD

Olympic Mascot in Uncle Sam Hat on Horizontal Bar. star shaped (003op006) $5.00 SOLD

Olympic Mascot Swimming. Star shaped. (003op021) $5.00 SOLD

Stars and Olympic Rings (003op011) $5.00 SOLD

USC Olympic Village Pin (003op003) $15.00 SOLD

University of Southern California Track and Field Pin showing discus thrower (003op004) $15.00 SOLD

Corporate Sponsors

A T & T (003op007) $8.00 SOLD

A T & T Torch Pin (003op009) $8.00 SOLD

Arrowhead Water (003op018) $8.00 SOLD

Budweiser (003op015) $10.00 SOLD

Converse (003op008) $8.00 SOLD

Levi's (003op012) $10.00 SOLD

A.H. Robins Z-BEC (003op017) $7.00

Coca Cola

Sam Playing Soccer (003op030) $8.00 SOLD

Sam Sailing (003op031) $8.00

Sam Lifting Weights (003op032) $8.00 SOLD

Sam Fencing (003op033) $8.00 SOLD

Sam Playing Field Hockey (003op034) $8.00

Sam Doing Gymnastics (003op035) $8.00 SOLD

Sprite Pin (003op016) $8.00 SOLD

Tab Pin (003op010) $8.00 SOLD


Los Angeles Police Department Torch Pin (003op013) $12.00 SOLD

Los Angeles Police Department Torch and World Pin (003op019) $12.00 SOLD

Los Angeles Police Department Chief of Police Pin (003op020) $15.00 SOLD

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